The Joy of Couponing

Since the first known coupon offer in 1887, the history of couponing has provided evidence that couponing can make people happy. And if our shoppers are happy, then we're happy! Shoppers who receive good discounts on their purchases have been scientifically proven to experience a significant rise in oxytocin levels, as well as notable decreases in their heart rate and perspiration! In other words, they are less stressed and more relaxed.

Today's shoppers may have come to expect deals, but they still find joy in getting a fantastic discount or exclusive offer, especially from a favorite brand or merchant, such as Macys Coupons, GAP Coupons, Target Coupons, or JCPenney Coupons. Approximately 3 billion coupons (about 10% of all coupons distributed) are used by consumers annually. The smart consumer knows how to find good deals and discounts, and well over half of online shoppers spend up to 2 hours per week scouring the internet for them. Smart brands are aware of this, and the ones that offer special deals create a win-win situation for shoppers and retailers.

Discounts can secure sales of familiar merchandise, and also encourage consumers to try a new or unfamiliar product. Statistics show that almost 60% of shoppers complete a first-time purchase when motivated by a coupon offer. Over 90% of shoppers who redeem offers will likely revisit the same merchants and may buy their products later without a discount. Offers reward existing customers and attract new buyers who may become loyal customers.

Shopping decisions can be strongly influenced by promotional discounts and free coupons when shopping online. By using special offers, retailers encourage customers to:

  • Add specific items to their cart.
  • Buy overstocked inventory, higher-margin goods, or out-of-season merchandise.
  • Try new products or suggested items.
  • Increase spending above a specified minimum order total.

Free is a powerful word, and zero is an attractive price. Customers often consider a free product or service to be of higher value than it actually is. It has been shown that consumers are drawn to free items more than discounted merchandise, even when the discount would ultimately save them more money. Why? Because shoppers prefer to get a little something extra - for free.

Offering free samples or trial sized products is another way to make customers feel rewarded and increase revenue for retailers. Stores can gain customer loyalty and trust through perceived generosity by offering a risk-free opportunity to consumers to try something new, for free! And the retailer can generate profitable sales by appealing to peoples' natural desire to reciprocate. As a result, offering something for free to shoppers has proven to raise the average total sales per visit. Companies like Sephora, Nordstrom, Smashbox, L'Occitane, Clinique offer free beauty samples.

Ultimately the joy of couponing is about satisfaction. The satisfaction derived from the emotional appeal of a good purchase, a sense of appreciation in the customer/retailer relationship, and a feeling of accomplishment in achieving budget goals through monetary savings. Getting great deals is a sensible thing to do, and it makes people feel good! At Promocodes.com we want our shoppers to feel good and get fabulous discounts!


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