How to Advertise

You want to advertise on Promocodes.com, what next? We offer a range of different opportunities to connect with the Promocodes.com user. Once we decide what offer will work best for you and your team we can advertise and promote the offer in different ways to help spread the word and optimize the offer.


Placements on the site are offered on a flat fee basis or in conjunction with other search partnerships. We can place your new, exclusive or extended offer on our site on specific pages to boost performance. Homepage placements perform the best followed closely by seasonal placements on our seasonal pages like Back to School or Halloween.

We can highlight your coupon on these pages for a flat rate to get more eyes on your prize, the coupon code!

Search Campaigns

At Promocodes.com we use a beneficial optimization tactic with search campaigns to help boost performance and increase sales. We partner with advertisers based on their needs and our recommendations to get them the best performance on their coupons. An exclusive partnership campaign is preferred for performance but semi-exclusive is a great start!

  • TM
    TM stands for 'trademark', this is where Promocodes.com bid on the merchant's trademark term alone (i.e. bidding on "Overstock" is bidding on TM while biding on "Overstock Coupon" is bidding on TM+). We love to work with advertisers that allow us to bid on TM as it can greatly benefit the performance and conversions.
  • TM+
    TM + stands for 'trademark plus' meaning we bid on the advertiser's trademark plus the coupon or deal term. (i.e. Houzz Coupon, Houzz promo code, Houzz deal etc.)

Running search campaigns with both TM and TM+ rights is greatly beneficial for advertisers, Promocodes.com and the online shoppers to get the best deals online!


We provide different opportunities to work with advertisers in new ways every day. Whether you want to utilize a social presence, connect with users through content on the Promocodes.com blog or be sent straight to their email, we have different options that fit every advertiser needs.


Through the Promocodes.com blog we assert ourselves as an authority on online shopping and savings by providing content that always adds value to our users. Whether it is the latest in travel tips, inspiration for affordable meals or financial guidance, the Promoocodes.com blog hits a variety of categories to give users insight and tips to save money every day. We use our blog to help drive organic traffic and sales and promote the "soft sell." We hope to give readers helpful information on any given topic so that when they are ready to make a purchase, they know they can come to Promocodes.com.

We offer different opportunities from solo blog posts where your brand can be featured to mixed blog opportunities where you can be included amongst a number of other brands and retailers to help connect with the audience through useful content.


Through the use of multiple social media platforms, we can inform our followers of upcoming sales events, exclusive offers and more. We utilize Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram to help promote retailers and their coupon codes on our site. It is a great way to boost awareness and get the word out on upcoming sales and events.

We also have experience in creating unboxing videos that we promote on social to highlight specific products as well as hosting seasonal giveaways to create opportunities for brand awareness and connect with our followers through product offerings.


We have an e-newsletter that we send to subscribers every Tuesday that includes a number of opportunities to get your coupon code or offer sent straight to an inbox. With about 55k active subscribers and an open rate of 15-20% we see over a 2% CTR that helps advertisers promote their coupon and drive sales.

It is a great way to get your offer in the hands of active Promocodes.com users and to spread the word on discounts and coupons on your site.


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