Cyber Monday Tips

Cyber Monday's Origin

In recent years Cyber Monday has become the web's equivalent of Black Friday, offering online-only sales and promotions to U.S. shoppers. As more consumers opt out the Black Friday early morning lines and racing through store aisles to grab the last of a sale item, the allure of shopping from home has raised Cyber Monday's stature as a cultural event.

With Black Friday kicking off earlier each year, so too does Cyber Monday extend further into December. Cyber Monday 2018 officially starts on Monday, November 26th, but if by chance you miss the opportunity to participate that day, you'll get plenty of other chances during Cyber Week!

Cyber Week 2018 starts once Cyber Monday ends and runs through Sunday, December 2nd. Online stores offer daily promotions and deals during Cyber Week, giving shoppers the opportunity to check off more items from their holiday shopping list.

Making the Most of Cyber Monday

Much like Black Friday, it's best to go into the Cyber Monday holiday shopping event with some forethought and a list of products you are hoping to buy when the sales start dropping.

Check store websites before Cyber Monday. It's a good idea to visit retailer websites ahead of Cyber Monday to get a preview of what will go on sale. Even more importantly, you can take your time to browse the products you're most interested in and compare prices across multiple websites. Find out which stores have the same products you want, and buy from the one offering the deepest discounts.

Sign up for email newsletters. Take the time before Cyber Monday to visit the store websites you're most interested in and sign up for their email newsletters. Online retailers will notify their subscribers about certain Cyber Monday promotions before the general public, giving you access to some great, limited-access promotions.

Use a promo code or coupon for additional savings. While the Cyber Monday deals usually offer respectable discounts, there are many cases when you can apply a promo code or coupon to your order, giving you even deeper savings. Check for Cyber Monday-specific codes and deals - these extremely limited-time offers can give shoppers huge discounts on their online orders when checking out.

Research the return policies. Whenever you shop online, be sure to carefully read a store's return policies. This is even more important during events like Cyber Monday when some stores may try to unload old inventory and exempt those products from their standard policies. Don't get stuck with purchases you can't return!

Cyber Monday and Cyber Week give online shoppers easy, stress-free access to some of the biggest sales of the holiday season. Do your research, take your time, and you're likely to score some great deals on products on your wishlist.