Dialing For Discounts

A discount can be just a phone call away! Although we encourage our shoppers to utilize our website for available deals and promo codes, we also want consumers to be aware that making a phone call to a retailer or even a manufacturer, can result in a significant discount. Most online stores, with the possible exception of some big department stores, will work with their customers to establish or maintain positive customer relations and grow their business. A simple phone call to the customer care department and speaking with a decision maker can end with a good deal!

When seeking that discount:

  • Do research first. For example, compare prices and pay attention to approaching or closing sales seasons.
  • Find the decision maker. The manager, franchise owner, customer service representative, etc…
  • Knowing what to say.
  • Planning an inquiry in advance can be helpful in successfully navigating the conversation.
  • Can I get a better price? I've heard good things about your store/product and would like to try it.
  • Is this the best offer you can give me? I'm contacting you directly for a discount because of household budget struggles.
  • I am shopping for this item because* and a discount would help me make this purchase becauseā€¦ (family, college expenses, medical situation, etc…)
  • I've been a great customer for a long time, and I would like to try this new product you have.
  • I see that you don't usually allow multiple offers or coupon stacking. Would you consider making an exception?
  • Be as specific as possible about the product or service you are seeking, and why you need a discount.
  • Be polite. Courtesy is an invaluable currency.
  • Allow the decision maker to set the discount.
  • Be appreciative. Thanking the decision maker and the merchant goes a long way.

Some customers may not feel comfortable making a phone call. Shoppers have had some success in receiving discount deals directly from merchants by sending emails, sending social media messages, or writing good old-fashioned letters. As the saying goes "The squeaky wheel gets the grease." Consumers can make discounts happen for themselves by taking the effort to ask for them. By the same token, when shoppers are successful in getting a requested discount, it is equally important to show some gratitude toward the merchant and/or manager that made it happen. This can be done with a follow-up phone call, letter, email, or social media message. Posting a positive message on their social media outlets (such as Yelp, Facebook, Twitter and websites) can help them boost their business reputation and is desired and appreciated by retailers. It can also increase the likelihood of them offering another requested discount in the future.

At Promocodes.com we like those win/win scenarios! Keep searching, keep asking, keep getting coupons and deals, and keep shopping!


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