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Millennial Guide: Student Loan Repayment

Nov 12, 2018 Financial Guidance

If you are like many Millennials you have student debt. In fact, according to the Federal Reserve, Americans have $1.56 trillion of outstanding student loan debt. Student loans have become an epidemic.

Get What You Want For The Holidays (And Save Money)

Feb 21, 2019 Seasonal & Holiday

Are you a holiday shopper who could up her game this year? If you start the season full of gusto and taper off into disappointment, you may be! We have some tips to help YOU get what you want for the holidays.

Gift Yourself This Valentine’s Day

Feb 21, 2019 Seasonal & Holiday

This Valentine’s Day, think about you and what you want, gorgeous! While of course we hope you’re tracking down exceptional finds for your loved ones, sometimes it’s worth stepping back and remembering to pay attention to yourself, too.

Dylan’s Candy Bar Holiday Sweets & Treats Made Affordable

Feb 21, 2019 Food & Grocery

‘Tis the season of giving, receiving, and eating! Finding the perfect gift for the holidays can be stressful; luckily Dylan’s Candy Bar has got you covered. With a wide variety of chocolate, cookies, gift sets, and more, you won’t have any trouble.

Affordable Red Wines Perfect for Valentine’s Day

Feb 21, 2019 Seasonal & Holiday

The holiday that scares everybody who happens to remember it’s coming up, is coming up. That’s right. Valentine’s Day. And on Valentine’s Day 2019 the average person that ignores holiday’s surprisingly un-romantic roots probably has only two options.

Grammar: an Invaluable Weapon for the Job Hunter

Feb 21, 2019 Education

You don’t always need a professional to create a resume, cover letter, or professional email. Grammarly can help immensely when you’re in need of a writing assistant. It goes beyond the element of word choice in a section of copy.

Unique Gifts: Have a DIY and Creative Valentine’s Day

Feb 04, 2019 Seasonal & Holiday

Creating a special Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about the money, but rather about how well you can show your loved one that YOU LOVE THEM!

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