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Reviving Your Home For the New Year On a Budget

Dec 04, 2018 Home & Garden

The new year is right around the corner, and it may be time to freshen up your household for 2019. Overstock is an affordable option for finding gems at a reasonable price that will make your home look fresh and new.

Saves & Steals: A DIY Guide for Michaels

Nov 30, 2018 Home & Garden

Decorating can be extremely fun but expensive. Even those who DIY may not always get the best deals or sales! There are some crafts and decorative items that can be made rather inexpensively, especially when shopping at a craft store.

Home Construction Costs You Need to Consider When Renovating: How to Save Where You Can

Nov 27, 2018 Home & Garden

Looking to renovate your home this winter, but nervous about sticking to your budget? You’re not alone. Many homeowners discover that the small things can really add up during a home makeover, inflating the price tag considerably.

5 home remodel tips that will save you money and increase your home’s value!

Nov 20, 2018 Home & Garden

Do you do a major home renovation project because you think you can gain massive resale value or should you let the next owner do the kitchen remodel? There are some true home remodel hacks that you can do to increase the resale value of your home.

Affordable Decor and Renovations to Keep Your House Warm and Cozy this Winter, Without Upping your Utilities

Nov 13, 2018 Home & Garden

Now that the days are getting shorter and thus darker, you’re likely longing for a little extra warmth and light on these chilly days and nights. Now is the perfect time to up the cozy factor for your home.

26 Fall Home Decorating Ideas for under $150

Sep 26, 2018 Home & Garden

Some of us are not so happy to say "goodbye" to summer, but other are super excited to put away the flip-flops, pull out the sweaters and start decorating their homes for fall!

20 Products that Succulent Fans Need Immediately

Sep 06, 2018 Home & Garden

Have you noticed how succulents seem to be all over social media lately? We certainly have. It's easy to see why so many people have become enamored with these durable little desert plants.

8 Things You Need for Your First Apartment

Sep 02, 2018 Home & Garden

Furnishing your first apartment can be tough. You are most likely dealing with a limited budget, hand-me-downs galore, and a somewhat elastic definition of your style. But the good news?

How to Decorate your Home Based on your Zodiac Sign

Aug 30, 2018 Home & Garden

If you’re feeling tapped out when it comes to interior design inspiration, it may be time to look towards the stars for insight.

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