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13 unique home gifts under $20

Aug 29, 2019 Home & Garden

Whether you’re shopping for home accessories for your new home, buying a wedding gift or a unique gift for a friend that’s moved into their first home, you’ll find something great at What On Earth.

Permission to be Inspired

Apr 29, 2019 Home & Garden

Spring has finally arrived all across the country! People are rushing outside to clean up after a long winter! Whether you are preparing your home to be put up for sale or getting it ready for the many spring celebrations on the horizon

Buying Better At Build.com

Apr 08, 2019 Home & Garden

With spring upon us and summer fast approaching, many people are beginning spring cleaning or are starting to plan on how to get their houses in tip top shape! Spring is the perfect time to make these changes

Start Building, Start Saving

Mar 18, 2019 Home & Garden

Build.com has been around for almost two decades and are a leader in home improvement online retail. They’re no strangers to savings. They have coupons for everything. They have incredible clearance sales. And they have coupons for their incredible

How to Create a Home Office on a Budget

Mar 09, 2019 Home & Garden

Working from home certainly has its benefits. You can create your own work schedule, avoid long commutes and work in your pajamas if you really want to. Although the benefits are outweighed by the negatives, working from home can be a challenge.

Home Construction Costs You Need to Consider When Renovating: How to Save Where You Can

Feb 22, 2019 Home & Garden

Looking to renovate your home this winter, but nervous about sticking to your budget? You’re not alone. Many homeowners discover that the small things can really add up during a home makeover, inflating the price tag considerably.

Reviving Your Home For the New Year On a Budget

Dec 04, 2018 Home & Garden

The new year is right around the corner, and it may be time to freshen up your household for 2019. Overstock is an affordable option for finding gems at a reasonable price that will make your home look fresh and new.

Saves & Steals: A DIY Guide for Michaels

Nov 30, 2018 Home & Garden

Decorating can be extremely fun but expensive. Even those who DIY may not always get the best deals or sales! There are some crafts and decorative items that can be made rather inexpensively, especially when shopping at a craft store.

5 home remodel tips that will save you money and increase your home’s value!

Nov 20, 2018 Home & Garden

Do you do a major home renovation project because you think you can gain massive resale value or should you let the next owner do the kitchen remodel? There are some true home remodel hacks that you can do to increase the resale value of your home.

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