Start Building, Start Saving

Mar 18, 2019Reading Time: 3 min

Imagine this: you’re thinking of your dream home improvement project and all of a sudden you can almost see it manifest itself in front of you. It’s beautiful. Almost like a dream. Then imagine that a voice as deep as the Mariana Trench calls out and says something profound to you; something that you knew all along inside of yourself but just couldn’t find the courage to say in your own words: “If you build it, they will come.”

Well, it’s not 1989 anymore and James Earl Jones shouldn’t have to be the one to tell you that whatever dream you have is worth building, regardless of the outcome.

That’s what is for! They’ve been around for almost two decades and are a leader in home improvement online retail. They’re no strangers to savings.


Savings in Every Room offers some of the best deals on home improvement out there. Really. From kitchen to bathroom to living room to home security, they have you covered, and they offer deep discounts across the board on hardware and appliances. They have coupons for everything. They have incredible clearance sales. And they have coupons for their incredible clearance sales. It’s simple to find one-of-a-kind deals.

For example, you’re able to shop by budget through their website and filter only the deals that you want to see. Need a kitchen faucet under $100. No Problem. Need to buy home goods in bulk? That’s easy, too.

Their incredible savings event live it up is happening now, which can help you save up to 80% across their site: Live it Up Sale

Tools for Every Project

Once you’ve decided to start your project, be it big or small, moving forward can be a daunting task. has made it incredibly easy to track invoices, communicate with contractors and designers, and save some of your favorite products and ideas.

This online platform functions as a tool for the consumer to control and manage the project from top to bottom. It’s a seamless experience that can be used with any device and it all happens here: The Free Home Improvement Project Tool

The Pro Advantage also offers a pro enrollment program for contractors and project managers. While this doesn’t apply to everyone out there, even the ones wanting to build home-made baseball fields in their backyards, it does remain a great way for builders to get pro pricing on high-quality items across the home.

Right now, is offering more than one way to save at Check it out for all of your home improvement needs.