Our Story launched in sunny Santa Barbara, California as one of the coupon and cashback sites of the parent company, started its coupon and deal business in the early 2000’s with the goal of offering savings to retailers so consumers can save.

When he moved to Santa Barbara, he assembled young ambitious team members*. With genuine passion and ambition, the team worked extremely hard to get the coupons and coupon codes to the savvy shoppers.

* most of the team graduated from UCSB back then

The company was founded by Aydin Karadeniz, who is an immigrant from Istanbul, Turkey.

Santa Barbara has always been a very innovative city and many great companies have emerged there. Launching with such an amazing team while offering savings to the shoppers and building great partnerships with retailers has been a rewarding journey.

Before the launch of the site, the website went through a few branding changes.

Initially, the site was called with the slogan "Shop Like a Champion".

We care deeply about our community’s feedback, ideas, and are open to learning about what we can do to make the online shopping experience the best it can be.

Based on the users feedback and interests, the company moved the website to domain name.

Being one of the first coupon and deal websites back then, the site was featured by several big media outlets in the past.

It was the early days of using coupon codes online so we spent a lot of time educating our users and made sure we did everything we could to have them never pay full price.

Once shoppers started to use their mobile devices to shop online, the team decided to move the site to a shorter domain name so users could type in the domain name in their mobile browsers at a faster pace.

So the company branded itself as "", which got a lot of positive feedback from our savvy shoppers.

Surfmyads has become a global company over the years. We are proud to have team members across the world in5 different languages.

We also have team members in the UK as well as engineers and coupon optimization team members in our Istanbul Office.

The company has remote team members in different parts of the United States and have successfully adjusted to using Zoom meetings.

The company continues to plan to hire more team members globally with a “global-minded” approach because we strongly believe that creativity and success lies in diverse cultures and languages.

Cashback is another-form of value the company created with its coupon business.

Our goal is always to give back to our users by sharing our revenue. This is the revenue we make through commissions with our users and it is what motivates us.

The partnership team behind, who works with the retailers directly, has been very extremely excited to get higher commission terms and exclusive coupons and discount codes for the audience.

In addition to offering coupons and cashback, the team members got together and worked on the company’s mission and what we stand for.

Based on the values each team members obtain, we decided to play a role in accelerating the awareness of sustainable brands and brands that do good for communities around the world.

The team strongly believes that we can all do something to help the world in our own ways.

Putting sustainable brands and good companies in front of informed users will help the world see how they can make a change even while shopping online with coupons.

The team continues to educate its partners and pushes them to get us higher discounts for those brands so we can advocate for these companies and play a part in making a greener future.

We feel sincere joy when our savvy shoppers get a discount on the check-out page, plus an additional cashback which they spend more and get gifts for their friends and family.