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Working with and offering coupons and coupon codes to the site’s loyal community is a great Branding Experience.

Our site operates beyond a typical coupon and discount website. What we stand for and our mission are some of the main factors why our loyal users keep coming back to us. As a brand, we believe that the companies should make it possible for users to try their products and services by offering coupons and promotional codes.

Our loyal, savvy shoppers are interested in strong coupon offerings coming from companies that create great products, value their customer’s feedback, and most importantly aim to do good for the people and planet.

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Why should you offer your brand’s coupons via

# Offering coupons and promo codes will result in up to a 25% conversion rate.

# Offering coupons will give New Customers an Incentive to try your products and/or services.

# With the right coupon marketing strategy, you can increase the average order size with selective coupon offerings with minimum order requirements.

# Free Marketing Exposure "free Word-of-Mouth Marketing" - Our research indicates that when a brand publishes a coupon offer, that information gets distributed across a wide variety of channels (including social media) and more users hear about your products or services.

# Positive Branding Image: Customers have gotten very smart over the years. They give a positive signal to brands who care about them by offering discounts and coupons during these tough times.

# Accessing Data points for intelligent coupon strategies: With the right data analysis, offering a wide variety of coupons and seeing how customers respond to those offers will give you a better idea about your future product pricing strategies. This is free-market research. has made a lot of investments to create a brand that is known as a website that gives additional exposure to sustainable companies and the brands that care about their communities. This initiative is very important to us and our users.

We are not just a destination site where users come to us to find a coupon code offer for a specific brand, but they also come to us to "Explore" new brands and companies. Our users see us as a Coupon and Brand Discovery Search Engine. Users Love and Explore Brands that are;

  • Sustainable Brands: Our mission is to accelerate the awareness of sustainable brands so we build a great future together by enforcing companies to bring a "sustainable approach" into their business practices.
  • Brands that do good for their communities: by supporting a wide variety of charity organizations or offering some portion of their revenue for supporting humanity across the globe.
  • Direct-to-Consumer brands: Our smart users know how difficult it is to start a product and business and they come to us to explore these brands to support their businesses.
  • Good Products with strong discount users always appreciate and support companies that think of them by offering good discounts on reasonable priced-products and services.

Placement Opportunities:

We offer coupons from over 20,000 Retailers on our website. As one of the first coupon websites with a very strong domain name and brand, we offer a higher conversion rate to our brands than any other coupon & discount websites.

We have a wide variety of paid placements and opportunities across our web properties. There are great ways to engage with savvy shoppers at

How to get maximum exposure:

  1. Creating a brand page and publishing your coupons and coupon codes on
  2. Displaying strong and exclusive promo codes across relevant value-added category pages.
  3. Sustainable Brands and Brands that Care get exposure opportunities on the homepage and relevant highly-visited pages
  4. Our Homepage and Category Pages allow our users to "Explore" new brands through specific pages where we can introduce your brand to our visitors
  5. Category Page listings allow your offers and brands to be published together with other companies in the same sector and give a chance to our users to compare your brand, product, and services with others.

Please contact us at to publish your exclusive coupons and want to get exposure on our website, one of our team members will reach out to you to get to know your products or services., Inc.

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