Mission Statement

Our Mission

Uplifting sustainable brands and companies doing the right thing through coupons and coupon codes.

  1. Transparency
  2. Sustainability
  3. Brands that Care
  4. Revenue Sharing


At Promocodes.com, we believe transparency is the key to a thriving relationship between our company and our savvy shoppers in all aspects.

We promise to be transparent with our mission, our revenue, and what values we believe in. Through promocodes.com links, we have a direct partnership with most of the retailers you see on our website. There is a reasonable amount of retailers in which we do not have an active partnership with, but we still display and serve their coupons with our shoppers so we can help them save.

The way we make money is through a commission in each sale made through Promocodes.com and have direct partnerships with retailers on our website. We then use the small revenue we have earned to give a majority back to our shoppers with the intention of providing financial freedom for our customers.

As our operations expand, we have made it a priority to follow through with this ideology in the most practical way by displaying exactly how much commission we are making from the retailers we have partnerships with.


While we try to give the best coupons and promo codes from all retailers that you love to shop with on our website, it is our mission to support and accelerate the movement of turning companies into sustainable brands. In order to achieve this, our first step is to offer increased website exposure for those sustainable brands across all high-trafficked web pages on promocodes.com.

In addition, we aim to continuously share more about the sustainable companies we partner with, so our users can get to know them and learn about how they are also pushing for sustainability.

Our Account Team encourages sustainable companies to offer us the best discount codes, so we can give our users the opportunity to try their products as well as empowering them to experience a positive mindset about a sustainable future.

We are a technology company on a mission to help sustainable companies get more exposure.

Brands that Care

It is so important to our company that we work with retailers that are making an effort to support their communities.

Here at Promocodes.com (part of Surfmyads Family), we want to showcase and celebrate these brands that are doing good things for the world and tell their story so that you can get to know these brands with purpose.

Our goal is to empower and partner with brands that have the same mindset we do.

Revenue Sharing

At Surfmyads we take pride in pushing forward the "Sharing Movement". We believe that Private Companies should begin sharing some portion of their revenue and earnings back with their users and community.

We whole-heartedly believe this can decrease the inequality between the business and customer as well as help us all grow together as a community. To initiate this mission we offer cash back and take pride in giving back to our savvy shoppers.

In addition to this form, we will continuously advocate for this throughout campaigns on our social media accounts where we will give earnings back to our community. Sharing is what will move all of us forward, together.