Coupon Terms Glossary


The publicity of a product, business, venture or organization to increase sales or public awareness through media and marketing directed at customers to provide added value and incentives.

We put the PROMO in promotion and have incentives for users daily to shop til they drop!


An attractive price on a commodity for a purchaser; a bargain is where you go to get them!


The deduction of the usual cost of a product.

You will find the biggest ones at your favorite stores and retailers here!


A code that entitles the holder to a discount for a particular product or store.

Whether it is 10% off, free shipping or $5 off a $50 purchase, has coupons for everyone.


A specific grouping of numbers and letters that consumers can enter upon checkout to obtain a discount on their purchase.

Promo code, discount code, coupon code, no matter how you say it is all savings!


A ticket or small paper that entitles you to a discounted good or service. Coupons in the UK are often referred to as &quote;vouchers&quote;

Use it at check-out, bring it to a store or cash it in for a deal on your purchase.

Minimum Order size

The smallest amount in price or quantity that your order can be to complete a purchase.

Fill up that virtual cart and make sure to hit the minimum so you can check the savings and check out online!

Free shipping/Free Delivery

Getting your items that you ordered online shipped and delivered to you for free.

The best kind of shopping is one you can do from your couch and get the items delivered right to your door free of charge! Make sure to find a free shipping coupon code at to get this perk!

One-time only coupon

A coupon or coupon code that can only be redeemed (used) once for a single purchase.

Any coupon is a great coupon, even if you can only use it once!

In-store (printable) coupon

A coupon found online that you can print out at home and use in-store to get savings.

Not a big online shopper? No problem. Find printable coupons that you can use in-store for great savings! (hyperlink to "printable" section in how to use)


To exchange a coupon or digital code for a product or service.

What you should do with all the coupons you find at!

Check out

An aspect of online shopping where the user enters payment information to purchase their desired products and services.

But don't forget to enter your promo code or find a coupon first!

Virtual cart

Apart of e-commerce software that allows visitors to select items for eventual purchase.

We suggest not leaving items in your cart for too long, they just might sell out!

Limited coupon

A coupon that is limited to a specific number of uses before it is considered invalid; A coupon that can only be used on a specific product or service.

Hurry while it lasts! Use your limited coupons asap to get the biggest savings before it is too late!

Exclusive coupon

A coupon that is only offered by a single vendor. offers plenty of exclusive coupons you can only find here!

Limited time offer

A coupon or discount that is only valid for a predetermined amount of time; See also: Expired.

The clock starts now! Use the coupons before time runs out and get the discount while you can.


The action of using multiple coupons to purchase a single item.

Certain retailers allow the use of multiple coupons at once, get 10% off AND add your free shipping code to get bigger deals at check out!r


A class or division of products, merchants or items having shared characteristics. has a variety of retail and brand categories to give you the best online window shopping experience no matter what your needs are!


The act of visiting retail websites without the intent of purchasing a product or service.

But we know you want to buy something, just not at full-price! Browse for the best deal and go ahead make that purchase.


A coupon or offer that has been approved by the corresponding retailer or authenticated through use. has a dedicated team hard at work at validating coupons and ensuring our users the best possible online shopping experience.


Coupon misuse or fraud.

Also known as balancing coupons which does not support. We want you to use the coupon as intended which is for getting the most for your money online!


A popular abbreviation for the phrase "Buy One Get One" which refers to the action of buying a full-priced product and receiving an additional, discounted product. This is also sometimes written as "B1G1". looks out for sales and lets our users in on upcoming events through social media, blogs and merchant pages!


An abbreviation for the phrase "Buy Two Get One" which refers to the action of buying two full-priced products and receiving a third, discounted product.

Three is always better than two!


A product or service that is given away for free.

Keep an eye out for blogs on our favorite freebies and extras you can get from stores and brands we love!


The act of a retailer making a product or service available at a discounted price. has the latest and greatest in offers from our partners, check out our merchants to see what they are giving our users!

Rebate (mail-in rebate)

An amount paid by reduction, return, or refund on what has already been paid or contributed; a partial refund that is accessed by mailing proof of purchase to the retailer, which will then send cash back after verifying the proof.

Mail it in, redeem and get that money back! Better late than never when it comes to saving money!

Brick and mortar (B&M)

A type of retailer that has a physical store or building where customers can purchase their products.

Online or in-store, a deal is a deal!

Out of stock

A product is no longer available in store or online.

This is up to retailers. Sometimes they run out of the goods, but don't worry there are plenty of other items we know you will love!


A cashback incentive where retailers reward customer loyalty with points that can unlock discounts or sales; See also: Loyalty Program.

Shop at a specific brand or retailer often? You might be missing out on some key perks!

Couponing fraud

Using coupons in a fraudulent or illegal way, including photocopying coupons, using coupons on incorrect products, etc.

We do our best to prevent the misuse of coupons and work hard to validate and offer the best in online savings!

Manufacturer coupon

A coupon that is created and dispersed by the manufacturer of the product.

We partner with brands to get coupons directly from them to give to you, our loyal users to get savings on your favorite items.


2 business working together through a 3rd party to reach its business goals. Advertisers and brands work with publishers (like to promote the product or service and reach the consumer in effective ways.

We partner with your favorite brands and retailers to offer you the best in online savings through affiliate programs!

Cash back

A form of incentive offered to buyers, where they receive a cash refund after making a purchase.

Get it with an offer, through a loyalty program or that special credit card in your pocket! Getting cashback is always worth the purchase!

Elite group

A term often used to describe secret, paid groups on social media channels that are dedicated to the illegal usage of coupons.

Instead of joining these groups join the email list to get the latest in coupons and savings straight to your email!

Shipping and handling

This is a fee that is often added during checkout, and incorporates the costs related to shipping a product. can get you free shipping on your purchase! Just check the merchant page to find a coupon code for free shipping and check out with ease.

Loyalty Program

A rewards program offered to customers who frequently shop and make purchases at a specific retailer. A program may give customers access to free merchandise, rewards, coupons, etc.

Sign up for loyalty or rewards programs for your favorite shops to get access to sales early, points and cashback on purchases and much more!

Loyalty card

A card that is issued by a retailer to consumers in order to record money spent within the store and points earned by their purchases.

Never shop at your favorite stores without it!

Black Friday

This is a popular term for the day after Thanksgiving, which is largely regarded as the first day of the Christmas shopping season. On this day, retailers offer special discounts and reduced prices to encourage shopping.

Every year collects the best in Black Friday deals and offers you exclusive insight on where to shop!

Cyber Monday

This is a popular term for the Monday following Thanksgiving, which is promoted by online retailers as a day for exceptional online bargains and discounts.

Our bread and butter, Cyber Monday head to to find the best in online savings and shoppings from the ones who know best!


A term used for coupons or discounts that are no longer valid and cannot be used by customers.

Sorry, sometimes it happens, but don't worry we at over 500 coupons daily so another one will come around to take its place!


A coupon that cannot be used to access a discounted product.

Sometimes the items in your cart can't be combined with the coupon or code you have. We suggest browsing for a coupon code that you can apply so you always get savings on your shopping cart.


A product or service that is given away for free, usually for promotional purposes. host giveaways in partnership with brands all the time! Be sure to follow up on social media to enter to win free stuff from your favorite brands!


A system of paying a deposit to secure an item for later purchase.

Not ready to make the purchase yet? Save up and buy it when the time is right for you and in the meantime check out the blog for other ways to save online!

Price Match

The process of a retailer lowering the price of a good or service until it matches the price of a competitors.

We recommend checking multiple retailers to find the lowest price on the items you want, and asking for that price! It never hurts to ask for great savings!

Darkside Couponing

A slang term for illegal couponing activities including counterfeiting, theft, balanced couponing, glittering, etc.

Say no to the darkside! Get validated and exclusive savings from


Invalid and fraudulent coupons that are made in exact imitation with the intention to deceive.

Our team is hard at work providing valid coupons in partnership with retailers to fight counterfeit or misused coupons, codes and discounts.

Vanity code

A coupon or promo code with a version of the company name.

We can be a little vain sometimes, but find the codes we our name and save! I.e. PC10, PROMOCODE15

Average Savings Amount

The average amount a user saves on their online shopping orders using discounts, coupons and promo codes.

We aim to get our users the highest Average Savings Amount so they can save on all their online shopping needs daily!