How To Use Coupons

If you are shopping without a coupon, you aren't really living. Whether they are printable, in-store or online you can find savings around every corner. For the "Coupon Newbie" in the house we broke down how to use each type of coupon now that you find one in your newspaper, in your email or on Promocodes.com.


So you found a coupon online at Promocodes.com, let's say a GAP promo code, now what? At check-out you may find a little box that says "Apply Coupon" or "Apply Promo Code" this is where you would enter that sweet combo getting your free shipping and 15% off your order. You may not always be prompted to input a coupon so keep an eye out at check out before you "complete order." That special little box of savings may be before or after inputting your payment information, or on the same page, so keep those savings eyes peeled for an opportunity to input your code.

Have a coupon with no code? Sometimes you may find coupons online that are not a code but a virtual "clipping of a coupon" that takes you directly to the retailer site. These coupons will be applied at check out. It is best to get these codes before your shopping spree but if you happen to have a full cart and find one later, you can still click "use coupon" on the Promocodes.com site and it will link you directly to the site with your cart intact and apply the savings to your purchase.

Always double check the prices and the offer to make sure you are getting the most out of your online coupon at check out and never leave that "Apply Coupon" box empty!


While online savings is our domain, finding digital coupons that you can print and take with you is another great way to save daily. Printable coupons can mostly be found for local stores in your city and neighborhood and are sometimes limited geographically. Our best advice? Work it into your daily life and develop a process.

If you are going to a local "mom and pop" store in your town or even eating out a local, one-of-a-kind restaurant look online at the retailers or restaurant sites. A lot of smaller local shops and companies have coupons and offers online that you can print and bring in. It helps those small business owners market their products and get new customers in the door and helps you save on your purchase. Whether it is a local boutique, salon or restaurant their website online is bound to have an offer for customers in-store that you can print.


Don't have a printer? Most businesses will allow you to bring it digitally via phone. You can pull up the online "printable" coupon and show it to the employee upon check out to get the same savings without wasting the paper!

This goes for the local shops as well as big retailers. Bring the online deals and sales into the store to still get huge perks while shopping. Saving on your cart isn't limited to the internet. Those emailed coupons and deals you find online can be applied in-store as well. Ask the cashier if they have any coupons and deals going on currently and show them your phone to apply the digital coupon in-store. Often, they can accommodate with savings even if that coupon specifically doesn't apply. The coupons in email newsletters, from Promocodes.com or the retailers site can still get you a deal in-store. It shows you are a loyal customer just looking for some savings. It never hurts to ask if you can apply your different digital coupons to your purchase in store or to ask if they have any they can apply.


Using Promocodes.com to Find Savings

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