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At Promocodes.com, we've always been big advocates of online shopping. Now, more people have caught up to our way of doing things and shopping online has become the norm. Primarily, we help people save when they shop online. We achieve this by offering coupons, promo codes, and coupon codes from thousands of retailers across a broad range of industries. Thanks to our partnerships with these retailers and brands, we always have the latest savings tools you can use to get the best deal when you shop from them.

While our old way of helping you save still works well, we've created a new way to make shopping and saving online even better. You'll still enjoy the same great savings through our coupons and promo codes, only now, our new savings tool, Promocodes Hero, will get you those savings faster and easier.

How It Works

Promocodes Hero is a browser extension we've developed to help you save whenever you shop online. You can download and install Promocodes Hero for free. Once you've successfully downloaded and installed it, an icon will show up on your browser's toolbar next to the address bar.

You don't need to sign up for an account or log in to use Promocodes Hero, and you can use it at any online store. As soon as you install it, it'll be ready to help you shop. When you're on a retailer website, the extension will automatically display the number of coupons and promo codes we have for that particular retailer.

After adding the products you want to buy to your shopping cart, Promocodes Hero will detect when you're on the checkout page and show you the coupons you can use to save. All you need to do is click on Apply Promo Codes, and it will be automatically tested for you.

If the tested promo code works, the panel will show you your original checkout total, the code applied, and your new checkout total after Promocodes Hero applies the code. At the top of the panel, you'll see the exact amount of money you'll save with that code, then there'll be the option to continue to checkout so the discount can be applied.

How It Changes Your Shopping Experience

As far as the basics of online shopping are concerned, not much changes, except for the way you apply our promo codes. Instead of you copying the codes from our site to use them on the retailer's site, the browser extension does this for you. It's faster, more convenient, plus you'll never miss out on the chance to save.

Download and install Promocodes Hero for free.


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