Coupons vs. Promo Codes

When shopping online and looking for deals a lot of terms get thrown at you: discount, sale, coupon and code. But what is what? Here is the difference between coupons and promo codes.


While we remember coupons as the things your mom cut out of the newspaper, in todays world online coupons are available to get great savings on most of your shopping needs. Coupons are applied to your shopping experience on your browser and will be applied to your cart upon check out. With online coupons there is no need for codes or special terms, you simply click "Use Coupon" and you will be taken to that merchant of your choosing with the applied coupon.

New Customer

There is a specific coupon that every online shopper should know about. The new customer coupon. Merchants will offer new customers great savings with specific coupons from time to time to get first time buyers to their site.

So, if you are new to that retailer or site, keep a look out for special offers for new customers.

Feeling left out? If you are an existing customer fret not. Use a different email address to sign up and complete your transaction so you can get the new customer perks! Retailers check to see if they have the customer email in their system and since you used a new email they can activate the new customer coupon for the purchase!

Promo Codes (A.K.A Discount Codes or Coupon Codes)

Any savings term with the word "code" attached usually means just that. It is a special code you can apply at check out to get great savings. Usually a combination of letters and numbers, promo codes can be copied and pasted at check out in that special box that says "Apply Promo Code" to get savings like free shipping, 15% off and more with Gymshark promo codes.

Some codes can be applied more than once while others, like first time shopper codes, can only be redeemed as a new customer on the site. These codes are always redeemed at the check out stage in your shopping experience, so even if you forgot to grab one before adding items to your cart, it is never too late to save.

It is also important to note that sometimes you cannot apply multiple coupons and codes to the same transaction. Our pro tip for Promocodes.com shoppers is to try a few different codes (free shipping, 10% off, $10 off) and see which deal gets you the MOST savings on that one transaction. While you often can't combine, it is best to apply the perfect code upon check-out that will benefit you the most in the long run. Try a percentage off plus a free shipping for double the savings. In some cases, these different varieties of codes can be combined so it is best to try and combine it with free shipping.

Not sure if the code will work on your items? Try it anyway! It is always best to copy and paste the code and apply to check out to see if it can be redeemed than to miss out on a savings opportunity.


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