It's Kind Of A Big Deal!

Promocodes.com has uncovered some of the top chain retailers that allow huge savings are also some national favorites! Take a look at these smart retailers honoring smart shoppers!

Target allows customers to stack up to three (3) discount offers per item. For example, you can use a store BOGO coupon, and get a discount (say 10% off) with a manufacturers coupon, and use a third offer on top of that! Take aim at great savings deals with Target!

The GAP store invites shoppers to enjoy super savings. They often allow up to FIVE (5) coupons per online order. Consumers can close their budget gaps at GAP!

CVS Pharmacy honors multiple offers. One (1) valid store coupon, one (1) valid manufacturer coupon, plus use of an Extra Care Bucks (ECB) card would meet their coupon stacking guidelines. That's up to THREE (3) discounts! And, unless a limit is specified, CVS will honor the same multiple coupons for multiple same items! Wow! That's savings that can really stack up!

Whole Foods allows customers to combine a store coupon and manufacturer coupon on a single item. They don't give cash back if the savings value exceeds the product value and no double or triple coupons. Getting two coupons honored, especially on sale items, offers Whole Foods shoppers a chance to save a whole lot!

Old Navy is onboard with coupon stacking. Depending on the promotion, Old Navy sometimes allows shoppers to apply more than one promo code to a single online order. For example, a customer may be able to use a free shipping and a 10% off item promo code on a single item. In some cases, they allow up to five (5) promo codes plus a Rewards Card for a single purchase. Customers should check offer acceptance guidelines before they shop. Great savings are underway at Old Navy!

Walgreen's loyal customers can experience super savings! They accept one (1) manufacturer coupon and one (1) Walgreen's Rewards Card/coupon(s) for the purchase of a single item. Walgreen's does accept multiple coupons for multiple qualifying items. Stock availability and coupon disclaimers can limit multi-item coupon purchases. Stretch your green at Walgreen's!

Rite Aid lets customers use more than one qualifying coupon on a single item as long as the total value of your coupons does not exceed the selling price. Rite Aid is right on with that coupon stacking policy!

Dollar General does allow stacking a manufacturer and a store coupon per single item in a transaction. And using two (2) or more Dollar General coupons in a transaction is allowed unless otherwise noted. Save big bucks at Dollar General!

At Family Dollar, they accept a manufacturer and a store coupon in a single transaction. Duplicate coupons are allowed as long as an item per each coupon is purchased. Make your dollar holler at Family Dollar!

Many retailers allow coupon stacking, and these are some of the biggest ones with verified coupon-stacking-friendly policies. Promocodes.com recommends that shoppers always check offer disclaimers and limits, and the retailer policy before they shop, as coupon policies are subject to change. Shop smart and reap the benefits of exponential savings with stores like these!


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