Are Coupons Helpful?

The short answer, YES! Coupons are a great way to get shoppers in the "door" on the internet. If you are looking to convert users to make purchases online, coupons with actual coupon codes that offer discounts site wide perform the best! Coupons are a great way to get users to make transactions and give them the nudge they need to pull the trigger on a sale. Whether you offer new customer coupons, sitewide or for specific products, a few coupons is better than none!

What kind of coupons help? What kind get conversions?

There are plenty of coupons out there, but which ones help the most and promote the best conversion rates for your brand? Percentage off? Exclusives? At Promocodes.com we have seen it all and hope to help guide you in the world of online savings to connect with shoppers.

Percentage and dollar off coupons work differently for different advertisers. Are you an apparel site? In our experience we tend to see dollar off coupons work best in terms of conversion. However, for advertisers with a higher AOV or Average Order Value, like travel sites, electronics etc., percentage coupons work better. Users in this case are making a bigger purchase so a percentage gets them more bang for their buck when it comes to savings. On a case by case basis we help advertisers decide what coupon could be most beneficial to offer on Promocodes.com.

Exclusive coupons work and convert the best on Promocodes.com because they help set us apart from other publishers. If we highlight an exclusive offer, users know they are getting an offer they can't find anywhere else on the internet. Our exclusives let them in on a little savings secret and they tend to convert well due to the limited time. Since it is an exclusive, there are often parameters in terms of how long the offer lasts, this puts a little excitement and pressure on the shopper to make the purchase and save now while they can! We also see this with vanity codes, or codes with our brand or name in them. Dedicated users to Promocodes.com recognize these coupon codes and are more apt to utilize them while online shopping.

Evergreen coupons are a great addition to the site to always give the user savings. Evergreen means they are not limited by a time, they will continue to offer users great savings. It is always beneficial to have some continuous coupons and promo codes on your merchant page to keep shoppers coming back! We always suggest advertisers run an evergreen offer that is ongoing.

If you are looking to boost sales and conversions, we suggest pushing a discount higher to offer better coupons that get shoppers interested in making continuous purchases.

Creating a new offer? We recommend creating 3 different coupons with different discounts offers on minimum purchases, meaning a dollar off or percentage off a specific minimum purchase in 3 different brackets: Just below AOV (to maximize conversions), just above AOV (to boost overall AOV) and one way higher thatn AOV (to help advertisers see how high of an AOV they can hit while working with a strong coupon site.)


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