How National Corporation Coupon Offers Work

Promocodes.com coupon offers can connect you, our advertiser, directly with your consumers. Offering discounts on desirable products and services establish and strengthens a corporate to consumer relationship and serve to promote brand loyalty that is valuable to both parties. The bottom line is that a company will increase sales and profits, allowing its customers to save money and succeed in stretching their budget. This establishes a win/win relationship by cultivating long term consumer loyalty through short term promotions. Shoppers feel good, and sometimes even feel "special," when large, national chains with prominent name branding invite them to enjoy immediate satisfaction through significant discounts.

National Corporations understand how advertising with coupon offers help their bottom line. They make regular decisions on what coupons they will provide based on the following criteria in mind:

  • Achieving sales goals
  • Increasing the company's monetary AOV (average order value)
  • Increased number of items purchased
  • Strengthening brand loyalty
  • Expanding brand visibility by reaching beyond their customary consumer base to test new markets
  • Attracting new shoppers
  • Rewarding their existing customer base
  • Improving their consumer-friendly image

Consumers, of course, benefit by using coupons and coupon codes from national brands while also:

  • Increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Being rewarded for brand loyalty, feeling appreciated
  • Supporting their efforts to be budget conscious and savings satisfied
  • Appreciating the ease and convenience of both online savings and in-store purchases
  • Feeling excited, and generating even more contagious excitement to new customers
  • Increasing their satisfaction with continuing offers from their favorite brands and merchants

Promocodes.com merchants have experienced sales growth from 20% to as high as 700%. This growth depends on the industry, the advertiser, their offer, and how they choose to develop their strategy. Promocodes.com helps coupon-givers by assisting in strategize to achieve the most effective advertising through coupon offers. When large corporations develop attractive and sensible offers with our help, they increase their customer base and often find solutions for rewarding their existing/growing customer base and reinforce customer loyalty. National corporations make their decisions much in the same way that smaller retailers do by carefully selecting relevant categories and page placement to enhance their visibility. National company's who use coupons and promo codes maintain their competitive edge while maximizing the shoppers' positive savings experience.

Here's an example of how Promocodes.com helps drive merchant sales to national company's:

The average order size for Company A is $45, and they want to increase their order size to a minimum of $60. By merely offering a $10 off coupon for orders exceeding $70 they would succeed in raising their average order size and reach or exceed their sales goal. It's not uncommon for us to advise companies to come up with three different coupon types reflecting three levels of minimum order requirements. This 3-tier technique successfully enables Promocodes.com to maximize shopping activity during each consumer visit.

Any size business can strengthen their brand and meet their growth goals by strategically offering discounts to new and loyal customers by using coupons and promo codes. It's a win-win proposition for everyone.


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