To Return, Or Not Return?

That's a good question. In the couponing community and the shopping world at large, it's important for consumers to be clear on a retailer's return policy.

At Promocodes.com we encourage shoppers to look beyond inviting discount offers when selecting where to shop and make sure that they compare return, exchange, and price matching policies. By the same token, we strongly encourage merchants to ensure that they have customer friendly policies in place. Viewing the shopper purchases as full circle experiences from beginning to end and beyond by addressing the possibility of product returns, is just as beneficial to the store as it is to the customer. As such, setting clear and consumer-considerate policies in customer service departments have become an increasingly relevant aspect of a retailer's reputation.

Information in today's digital world regarding a retailer's return policy is, or should be, easily accessible. This invites trust and encourages a shopper to complete their purchase, especially if the policy is fair and favorable to them. Let's face it; the bar has been raised to accommodate customers to meet their expectations. Consumers want to feel comfortable with their purchases, and with what options are available to them should they wish to return, exchange, or request price match compensation. Wise merchants want to be responsive and ensure that their customers are always satisfied. It is crucial in the highly competitive retail world and online shopping market for retailers to understand and acknowledge that shoppers have choices, and can take their business to another merchant with better policies. Merchants who prioritize their shopper's satisfaction at every level, including return policies, keep their existing customers happy and increase the likelihood of attracting new ones.

A high-quality customer care department is of the utmost importance in establishing and maintaining outstanding customer relations. As the old saying proclaims, "The customer is always right." but perhaps a more accurate way to put it is that the retailer should always be willing to work with the customer. Promocodes.com, in partnership with Research Now, surveyed 1,000 Americans about what matters the most to them when they are shopping. The results showed that return policies ranked very high in influencing or determining their decisions about where to spend their money. This was particularly critical when holiday shopping. To summarize, a good discount with a bad return or exchange police might not be such a great bargain after all. Implement sound return policies, and customers will indeed return, to shop, knowing they can make a return if need be. To return, or not return? The answer is a resounding "Yes!"


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