Coupons and Cashback behind the Scene

Coupons and Cashback behind the Scene.

Transparency is key to us and one of the highest values in our mission statements. So we want to share about how we get coupons and give cashback to our loyal users for free.

We have a team of Partnership Managers. These partnership managers are in daily communication with retailers. They have weekly or monthly calls with hundreds of Retailers. During their calls with the partners, they go over how our website has been performing.

How many sales we send, what portion of our users have been interested in their offers, what they need to do to get more attention from our users etc. We’re lucky to have such great marketing managers at the Retailers site. They really try to do their best to get promo codes and coupons for our users. Some of our close partners are Overstock, Dell, Macys, Expedia, Michael Kors etc. Our partnership managers work with their marketing managers very closely. We are so appreciative to get their support.

We have a coupon and deal optimization team. There are over 10 full-time members dedicated to this task. They spend all of their hours uploading coupon codes and deals to websites. We add over 2,000 coupons (including promo codes and coupons) to our website on a weekly basis. We receive some of the coupons from our Retailer Partners directly. In addition to that, the team spends time online to find additional promo codes and promo offers. Plus, some of our great users share the coupons they find and we upload them to the site after validating the accuracy of each coupon offer. This is a team who is tasked to get you the best discounts.

As one of our core values, it’s very important to us to share our revenue with our loyal users. One of the ways we do that is to offer cashback. Offering cashback means sharing our commission with our users. The way cash-back works is that; we get commission from our retailer partners every time a user of ours clicks on a coupon link on our website and makes a purchase.

As soon as a transaction occurs, we get a commission from the Retailer. That is the commission we share with our users as a method of cashback. Our partnership managers work hard to get higher commission rates from our retailer partners, because the higher commission rates retailers push us, the higher cash back we can give to our users. Getting higher rates is also dependent upon our performance with Retailers. If Retailers see that we are sending a good amount of transactions to them, we have leverage to get better rates. So it is important that our users keep coming back to our website and make a purchase via the links on our website.

Our coupon optimization and partnership management teams are crucial to get you the best coupons and cashbacks. These two teams work very hard in a collaborative way to make a difference. In addition to cashback, we run a wide variety of contests, giveaways and distribute more cash to our users through social media. So always follow us on Facebook, Twitter.

If you want to work with us, help us to find more coupons and build partnerships, feel free to check our available Job Posts and Come and Join Us., Inc.

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