Saves & Steals: A DIY Guide for Michaels

Nov 30, 2018Reading Time: 6 min

Decorating can be extremely fun but expensive. Even those who DIY may not always get the best deals or sales! There are some crafts and decorative items that can be made rather inexpensively, especially when shopping at a craft store like Michaels.

  1. Pillows These décor items can cost a fortune if you want to buy more than one. In some cases depending on where you shop, just one can be a fortune. Pillows with great décor or coveted textures can run $25.00 a pillow, if you shop at Pier 1 for instance. You can do a DIY pillow for cheap. For about $12 you can make your first pillow, if you already have a needle or sewing machine. If you have stuffing left over your second one will be even cheaper!
    Michaels: 1 yard Cranberry velvet fabric – $6, Pack of needles - $4, Stuffing/Filling – $6

  2. Christmas ornaments Plain Glass Christmas ornaments can cost $11.99 when buying from places like google Express. You can make your own exactly how you want starting for around two dollars at Michaels! This way you don’t have to have bulbs that you don’t want or need! You can customize your own holiday look! Michaels: Bulb – 67mm .69, 100 mm 1.19, Porcelain star ornament - .79, Craftbond Extra Strength Glue Sticks – 3.99, Glitter – 1.29

  3. Mugs These are another house item everyone loves. Some people use them for cup holders, coffee table décor and for drinking! Decorated, cute mugs can start around 5.99 at a place like Target. However, for your own custom mug, you can get a mug kit for only $1.29 and personalize it using marker for around 6.00 total. You can even create a Mason jar mug for starting around $9.00 if you need the jar and glue. If you have some of these materials already, It’s even less! Personalizing mugs can cost around $14 or more when ordering them, from a site like Zazzle.
    Michaels: Personalize it Mug kit – $1.29, Mason Jar Mug – $3.29, Acrylic paint marker – $5.99, Modge Podge – $4oz for 4.00, Glitter – $1.29

  4. Knit Winter scarf & hat One of the most common projects, this is a very cost effective one. Knit hats for kids can be around $7.99 or more, especially if buying from a department store. Kitting the hat yourself means that you can get the colors, design, and style that you prefer, for around six dollars. If you have some of these materials then a knit hat could be free or if you have the needles then, it is the cost of the yarn only! Michaels: Knitting needles – $4, Cotton yarn – $1.79, Big stitch Yarn – $5.99

  5. Candle holders The right candle holders can make all the difference in a décor scheme. Shopping at Kohls, candle holders can be around $4 for a simple holder or $ for a more intricate one. However depending on what materials are needed, a customized candle holder can be around 6.50 (using free decorations, such as fall leaves) or just a tad more with glitter. Michaels: Mason jar wide mouth – $2.50, Mason jar pack 12 – $12, Craftbond Extra Strength Glue Sticks – $3.99, Mod Podge: 4 oz for $4.00

  6. Fleece throw/blanket A great fleece throw can cost around $20.00, shopping in Bed Bath and Beyond and this is true of even the plain colored blankets, in many other specialty department stores. At Michaels, a yard of fleece can be around 7 dollars. Some people choose to use a serger to secure the edges while others simply keep the edges the way they are when cut from the ream of cloth. Michaels: Yard of fleece – $7

  7. Jewelry holder Buying a jewelry holder can range in prices, due to the varied styles. Simple, large ones, are around $15 while they can cost up to $100 in other cases. From Michaels, you can make a big enough holder to hold many different kinds of pieces as well as place it on the wall so that you can see all of the jewelry and keep it out of the way. Plus it is simple to customize with different pushpins and more. Michaels: Cork Board – $8.99, Push Pins – $.89

  8. Bouquets Fresh bouquets are amazingly fragrant, however they are not always in season, and also they don’t last very long. A rose bouquet can cost $20 for a dozen at ProFlowers. However, you can create a gorgeous synthetic bouquet, and spray it with a favorite scent, or even use scent beads for a lasting smell and bouquet in the home. Plus Michaels, often has a sale on flowers, which makes it even better! Michaels: Synthetic Rose flowers single stem –1.99, Synthetic Rose Flowers bouquet – 7.99

  9. Decorative bowls These bowls are great for decoration and for holding various little items or trinkets. You can leave them plain or decorate them any way you want using glue and various décor items. Michaels: Miniature bowls – 2, Rose bowl – 1.49, Craftbond Extra Strength Glue Sticks – 3.99, Mod Podge – 4oz for 4.00

  10. Keepsake books/ Scrapbooking For really intricate scrapbooks such as a baby keepsake book, they can cost upwards of $30.00 dollars, as seen on Amazon. They also are already planned out so customizations are not always possible. At Michaels there are many different ways to create a scrapbook with many different possible parts to include. You can use scrapbook paper in an empty sketchbook to create in interesting keepsake book! Michaels: Swan Scrapbook Paper – .79 a sheet , Stickers – .99 cents, Artist’s Loft Sketchbook – 5

DIY Crafts can be a lot of fun, and since you are the creator, you can also make these items exactly how you want them without having to settle for exactly what you find in the stores! That alone makes a DIY project worth it!