3 Tips to Create a Productive Home Office On a Budget

3 Tips to Create a Productive Home Office On a Budget

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamJun 02, 20204 min read

Life, as we know it, has changed. The funny clip of children interrupting a BBC News interview and being dragged out by their mom started as a meme, but it’s now everyone’s daily life. From pets jumping into the frame, to filter mishaps that switch your boss’s face to a potato on a video call, all these oddities have become a key part of working from home.

As COVID-19 lockdowns continue all around the world with no end in sight, more people are starting to embrace working from home as the new normal. It’s even got an acronym, WFH, and tbh, it’s the in-thing right now.

Now that things have changed, you need to figure out how to work from home productively. The more productive you are, the better the profits for the company you work for, and the better your income as an individual. In these trying times, financial stability is particularly important.

The number one thing you need to boost your productivity is a space where you can focus on work and do as much as you can in as little time as possible. That means setting up an affordable home office, or a nice quiet space somewhere if you don’t have an extra room.

While you want to make sure you stick to a budget, it’s also important to get everything you need to be productive in a home office. That may include some major things like certain furniture pieces, or something minor like a few paintings you can hang up as a finishing touch. Read on for our three tips on making your home working space productive without using up all your hard-earned money.

Get Good Office Furniture


Having the right furniture in your home office can make all the difference when it comes to productivity. You need to be comfortable enough that you can power through your working hours, but not too comfy that you end up falling asleep right in the middle of a video conference training seminar.

It’s recommended to have a desk with enough space for your computer and anything else you use for work. Your chair should be adjustable so you can fix the height in a way that: ● You’re sitting with your arms on your desk, parallel to the ground ● Feet are on the ground ● The screen is at eye level

Autonomous, a smart office solutions provider, has a number of furniture pieces that can help you create the perfect working space in your home. The many products available include standing desks, office chairs, and accessories, designed for increased productivity and comfort. Before you click on over to their site to shop for a new chair or standing desk, make sure you stop on the Autonomous coupons page on our site for some codes that will help you save.

Stay Connected


Now that meetings are less face-to-face and more face-through-screen to face-through-screen, you need a reliable way to stay connected so your workflow isn’t interrupted. Working and meeting online saves you money since you don’t have to worry about things like transport costs. Still, you might need paid subscriptions for software that enables you to meet and work with your team online for increased productivity.

Lucky for you, we have plenty of web conferencing software promo codes from companies like ClickMeeting, BlueJeans, and GoToMeeting. With these, you can get a discount on your chosen video conferencing plans and stay in touch with your team and the best savings at the same time.

Protect Your Eyes

Without the usual office distractions like a co-worker stopping by to share the latest gossip, or set times for breaks and knock-off time, it’s easy to spend hours staring at your computer screen. That much screen-time can be bad for your eyes and eventually reduces your productivity, forcing you to work longer to get the job done. The longer you work, the harder the strain on your eyes and the less productive you are—it’s a vicious cycle.

So what can you do to prevent this? As we mentioned before, your screen needs to be at eye level to promote good posture. You can achieve this by getting a stand to elevate your computer, or if you’re strapped for cash, just use any box or book you have lying around. Using a separate mouse and keyboard helps too and you can get affordable ones using Dell coupons and Lenovo coupon codes from our site.

The Bottom Line

Navigating change is never easy, but with Promocodes.com it can be affordable thanks to the thousands of coupons and discount codes we offer. Investing in some good home office products will help you stay productive so you keep on meeting your business targets and goals, no matter what’s happening in the world around you.