Valentine's Day Gifts for Makeup-Lover Girlfriend

Feb 02, 2021Reading Time: 11 min

2020 left us all with one lesson, you’ll never know what tomorrow brings. With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to celebrate life, love, and the people you hold dear whilst you can. If you’re wondering what your girlfriend gets for Valentine’s Day, you’ve come to the right place.

These top 9 valentine’s gifts for girlfriends we’ve provided in this article are some definite faves you can consider giving to your special lady. Whichever one you choose from these valentine’s day gift ideas for her, make sure you first consider her likes and dislikes. That’ll help you narrow your options down instead of blowing your budget on a gift she won’t enjoy. As always, will help you save through coupons, promo codes, and the cool saving hacks we’ll share here.


This is an easy one. If you’ve seen your girl wearing lipstick, eyeliner, or eye shadow, she’ll definitely appreciate a makeup gift because a girl can never have too much makeup. Such a gift also shows that you pay attention to how she looks, and it’s a beautiful way to say, “I see you.”

Picking the actual makeup products might be a little tricky and the simplest way to make sure you get it right is sneaking into her makeup stash to see which brands and shades she likes. You can also surprise her with products from a different brand, so she can try something new.


This is an excellent place to start. It has every makeup product you can think of for lips, eyes, and face, plus face and eye brushes your girlfriend can add to her collection of tools. Not only does Milani offer great bargains through awesome discounts, but they also have a Find Your Shade feature, which lets you pick an image that best represents your girlfriend’s skin tone, so you can get product recommendations in shades that will go well with her complexion.



The Feelunique makeup collection has an extensive range of products and tools, giving you more options to choose from when you’re buying your gift. This collection consists of products from various affordable brands that won’t send you off-budget. In addition, the store offers Feelunique voucher codes you can use to save when you shop. To make your gift extra special, you can learn some cool tips from the site like how to do a facial at home and treat your girlfriend to a spa day as your Valentine’s gift.

UV Sanitizer for Makeup Tools

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, making sure that you stay as safe as possible is paramount. UVé is one brand that’s dedicated to making skincare and health safe with a sterilization system that employs the same science used to clean life-saving medical tools. If it’s good enough for the tools used inside your body, then it’s definitely good enough for the ones used on the outside.

You can get your girlfriend UV-C Sterilization Systems from UVé as a Valentine’s Day gift. These systems sterilize makeup brushes up to 99.9%, even in those hard-to-reach places between the bristles. It’s the perfect thing to ensure cosmetic hygiene, as it stops the spread of bacteria and makeup contamination.

Beauty and Personal Care Products

Beauty isn’t just about the color of the lipstick she wears or what foundation shade she prefers. Skincare, body care, fragrances, and grooming essentials all go a long way towards making her beautiful. You can help her bring her inner beauty out with the best beauty and personal care products from the following brands:


Birchbox offers simple, unique products that anyone would love. Their range includes skincare products for cleansing, treating, moisturizing, and protecting her delicate skin, plus body tools, supplements, and wellness products. There are also hair care products for washing, treating, styling, and general everyday care tools. The products are all designed to give her more control over her beauty regimen, plus they’re super affordable.

Bath & Body Works

If there’s one brand that’s got great beauty and personal care products, it’s Bath & Body Works. You can buy body care products, hand soaps, and sanitizers, ideal for her to refresh, smell good, and stay clean and safe from bacteria and viruses. If you’d like to go a step further, you can buy home fragrance products too, like scented candles and air fresheners, so her home can smell just as good as her.


With a SkinStore gift, she can take her skincare regimen to a whole new level. The store offers awesome discounts on skincare and hair products, as well as tools. You can also follow the Build a Routine guides to find the perfect products to address specific skin concerns she might have like dry, oily, or sensitive skin or a routine for healthy hair. Getting products for a specific routine will show her that you care about and pay attention to her needs, which is an extra bonus on top of an awesome, affordable gift.


PerriconeMD combines skincare with wellness, giving you a gift for your girl to look and feel beautiful too. The products from this brand are ideal for getting rid of common skin problems like acne and blemishes, while also enhancing her natural glow so the skin looks good whether or not she’s wearing makeup. The Simple Skincare Kits and Complete Skincare Kits are ideal as gifts since they consist of a range of different products that are perfect for a regimen. Plus, the special offers and promotions on select kits and products mean extra savings for you.

Jewelry and Watches


You can never go wrong with a gift of bling. Shiny, beautiful, sophisticated, and with a long lifespan; jewelry checks all the boxes for a perfect gift that any lady would love. Swarovski has beautiful jewelry pieces that make a statement and make your girl shine. With our coupons and promo codes, you can get great deals on necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, rings, or watches from the brand’s collection.

REEDS offers beautiful jewelry, perfect for a Valentine’s Day gift or any other occasion. If you’re thinking of proposing on this beautiful day of love, you can get the perfect engagement ring from this store. Plus, the customization feature gives you the option to personalize it and make your declaration of love more unique.

If you’re looking for a good bargain on your gift, TOUS has a Special Prices section with discount offers on beautiful jewelry and watches. You can also pick out a luxury watch for her from Ashford and get an extra 11% discount off any item (including sale items), thanks to their Valentine’s Day Sale.

Small Electronics

If you feel like choosing the perfect makeup, beauty, personal care products or jewelry will be difficult, you can play it safe and go with a gift of tech. Small electronics like Samsung earbuds, headphones, or soundbars can still be a perfect valentine’s gift for your girlfriend. You can get her the soundbar and other home audio technology to set up something like a home theater and have your very own movie nights in the comfort and safety of your home.

Since gyms and other public fitness areas are off-limits for now, you can also get her smart fitness equipment from Sears and wireless activity trackers, so she can keep up with her fitness goals at home. Best Buy also has the best deals on a collection of electronics from different brands that would make the perfect gift, like tablets, cell phones, and video games.

Women’s Fashion

One thing every woman can never get enough of is fashion. No matter how many clothes, bags, and shoes they have, they will always appreciate more, especially as a gift. The size part can be a little tricky when it comes to clothes and shoes, but one way to make sure you get it right is by checking different items in her closet when she’s not looking and note down the sizes.

With those in hand, you can check out stores like Michael Kors for designer fashion pieces and bags, although the prices for this brand might be a bit stiff. You can always redeem our coupons and promo codes for a discount to take a little off the price tag. Lane Bryant is a more affordable option for fashion pieces, so you can still get her gorgeous dresses, tops, and other fashion items at a much lower price. You can throw in a nice, matching pair of shoes from the comfy collection available at FitFlop. Whether she likes sneakers, boots, or sandals, there are plenty of those designs to choose from.

Bags are a much easier gift to give since you don’t have to worry about getting the right size. The Sak offers lots of stylish bags in different designs such as crochet and drawstring. These are perfect for the girl who loves a casual, laid-back style, and they’re easy on your pocket too. You can also use the Custom feature to design a bag for her from scratch, to make it unique and extra special.

Health and Diet Products

What better way to show your girl that you care, than a gift that helps her stay healthy and fit? If you’re worried that getting her a fitness tracker from Fitbit or dietary supplements from Vitamix will seem like you’re saying she’s fat, you can always add a handwritten note with a cute message like, “I don’t mean that you gained weight during quarantine, but I got you these to keep you healthy and fit so I can spend forever showing you how much I love all of you.”

Another way to make dieting and eating healthy a fun gift for her is if you make it a team effort. Medifast weight loss meals, for example, can be a perfect meal option for the two of you to share over an at-home date night, starting on Valentine’s Day.

You can make eating healthier part of her lifestyle and yours with the DoFasting app that lets you choose a fasting method, learn how to prepare healthy meals, and add simple workouts to your daily schedule. It’s an affordable way to live healthier, which doesn’t need you to completely change your lifestyle. You can also throw in body care and healthcare products from Pharmaca at a low cost with our coupon codes for a complete, healthy lifestyle regimen.

Flowers and Plants

OK, so maybe flowers are a little cliché as a Valentine’s Day gift, but you can’t argue with how aesthetically pleasing they look alongside another non-cliche gift like the ones we listed above. If you’re buying flowers as an extra on top of another gift, you can keep the cost affordable with a few hacks like choosing flowers that are currently in season and skipping the vase because ladies usually have one lying around at home. ENJOY FLOWERS has lots of flower arrangements to choose from, so instead of choosing the cliché roses, you can go for something more unique and original.

For a longer-lasting option, you can buy her perfectly replicated fake flowers instead from Nearly Natural that cost less and last forever. In place of flowers, you can get her some plants for her garden, especially if she loves gardening, and pair that with the beautiful, unique planters from Femail Creations like the Dol Hanging Jellyfish Planter.

Home Decorations

There’s no place like home and no gift that tells a girl she has a home in your heart like décor products. It can be something as small as wall art to decorate her room or something bigger like bedroom furniture. Either way, she’ll definitely love that you’re making an effort to make her space more homely.

Before you pick furniture and home décor pieces from stores like Z Gallerie or Horchow, make sure you take into consideration what she already has in her home. That way you can pick things with similar color, design, or material to maintain the overall theme. These stores usually have discounts and promotions on select furniture pieces, so make sure you check if there are any special offers on products that match your needs.

The Bottom Line

You know your girl best and whatever makes her happy, so when you’re shopping for a gift for her, trust your gut. You can use the options we’ve listed above as a guide to finding the perfect gift. Just don’t try to buy everything if you can’t choose because that’ll be super expensive.

Look out for any tips or hints she might have left lying around for you, like magazine clippings of outfits or a cute pair of shoes she added to a wishlist in her favorite online store. Most importantly, don’t forget to redeem our coupons and promo codes for a discount so you can save on the perfect gift for your Valentine.