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What $1 USD Gets You in 15 Different Countries

Aug 07, 2018 Smart Savings

We work hard for every dollar that we earn. Why not celebrate National Dollar Day on August 8th by considering the value of one U.S. dollar throughout the world.

How to Enter the $5,000 Cost-Conscious Student Scholarship

Aug 01, 2018 Smart Savings

It’s never too early to start stocking up on school year essentials! This year, you can return to classes with a little extra cash to put towards your education with the help of the first-ever $5,000 Cost-Conscious Student Scholarship.

Tips to Navigate the Side Hustle & Earn Quick Cash

Jul 19, 2018 Smart Savings

With multiple options to earn quick cash online, why not give some of them a shot? From apps on your phone to online surveys and companies with freelance positions, your side hustle game should be strong.

10 Date Ideas that Won't Cost You a Dime

Jul 18, 2018 Smart Savings

It can be hard to balance your love life and a strict budget, but it isn’t impossible!

The Best Store Apps Worth Your Phone Storage Space

Jul 16, 2018 Smart Savings

In today’s bustling marketplace, it may seem like every store has an app, there literally is “an app for that”. Most of us don’t have unlimited space on our smartphones for all of them, so how do you choose which ones are worth it?

20 Items You Need to Purchase on Amazon Prime Day

Jul 13, 2018 Smart Savings

Amazon Prime Day is on the horizon, which means you will soon see giant sales on all of your favorite electronics and products!

You Won't Believe these Must-Have Products are $3 or Less

Jul 13, 2018 Smart Savings

When it comes to deals, we believe in making every penny count. You need to be ruthless and get the most mileage from your paycheck, but that doesn’t mean you should go without.

The Ultimate Guide for Saving Money at San Diego Comic Con

Jul 13, 2018 Smart Savings

San Diego Comic Con is the top trade show for every major film studio, video game producer, and publishing house within the nation, so it’s no wonder that attendance can be a little pricey

The One Thing You Should Consider When Shopping with Mindfulness

Jul 11, 2018 Smart Savings

It’s hard to shop smart when you’re trying to save money and make healthy choices, but – with a little extra effort – it’s possible. What you need is a game plan, so you know when you’re actually getting the most for your money.

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