You Won't Believe these Must-Have Products are $3 or Less

Jul 13, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

When it comes to deals, we believe in making every penny count. You need to be ruthless and get the most mileage from your paycheck, but that doesn’t mean you should go without. We believe in saving, not scrimping to the point of not enjoying life. Yes, it’s a common money-saver’s manifesto, but we believe that life is worth living only when you enjoy it… for less, of course.

There can still be luxury touches in your day-to-day, and we’re here to help you get it. In fact, you won’t believe that these items are as cheap as they are, and how much they will improve your style. Let’s get luxe for less!

$1 Sheet Masks and Skin Care Luxury

Sheet masks for $1: We recently read an article that insisted sheet masks were an overly expensive luxury item for the skincare-obsessed (we won’t name the source!). In actuality, they are part of a complete skin care routine, and they don’t need to be crazy expensive. While they aren’t all made the same, grabbing ones straight from the source (Korea, that is) is already a step up in the world of skincare.

They may range in prices that soar upwards from $20 a pop, but they certainly don’t have to cost that much. We found reputable brands sold at Hollar for $1, and that’s before you stock up and add a Hollar coupon code as well. Look for deep hydration versions and tempting fruit-scented ones to start.

Bandanas and Affordable Accessories

Bandanas for $1: The great thing about bandanas is that they’re not just neckerchiefs; they are also hair ties, handkerchiefs, and bracelets. Grabbing one for $1 means that you don’t need to stress about putting a lot of money into an accessory you may or may not wear. Look for affordable bandanas at Forever21 in classic white, red, and blue. For an upgrade, there are embellished ones for under $5.

Designer Clothes on a Budget

Designer clothes for next-to-nothing: Did you know that designer reseller (and planet saver) The RealReal offers a $25 credit to new customers? Because prices of on-sale, top-end designer gear starts at $15, and shipping starts at $11, you’ll grab notable brands for so much less. Be sure to keep in mind that sizes vary widely in the designer world, and that The RealReal includes clothing measurements for a reason.

Free Shoes from the DSW VIP Program

Shoes for FREE: Are you a DSW member? If you’re not part of the VIP program, and you’re not signed up for their emails, you are missing out. Recent changes to the DSW program means that VIP shoppers always get free shipping, too. With a $10 coupon that covers clearance items, you can get shoes for nothing!

And a bonus...

Bonus Items for the price of Shipping

Stuff for the price of shipping only!: Don’t forget that there are many deals online that you can snatch up when you’re trying out a subscription club service or a new product line. Some companies that really make it worth your while are Thrive Market, Shoedazzle, JustFab, and Blume. You can get free or drastically-reduced goods for your first shipment, and they are all worth checking out.