Where to Grab the Best Free Samples and Goodie Boxes

Where to Grab the Best Free Samples and Goodie Boxes

Alessandra Cenni

Alessandra CenniJun 26, 20183 min read

Discounts and sales are something that always brighten our day, here at Promocodes.com. And yet, there's something even more exciting than a good sale: free goodies! Receiving a box of treats to test and review (for free!) just might represent a high point for your shopping career. Finding a website that is giving out free products in exchange for your honest opinion is easier than you think - but here are a couple names to get you started on your next savvy saving adventure:

Daily Goodie Box

Photo Courtesy of Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box

Daily Goodie Box offers you a chance to try some pretty cool organic products since they carry everything from food samples to beauty products. At Daily, they want to make things extra easy for their customers who are looking for a sweet deal: all you need to do is register on their website and wait for your next box to arrive. Because there's no shipping cost either, you don't even need to enter your credit card info to join! Let them know what you think of their selection and be as accurate as you can - your feedback is going straight to the suppliers.

Amazon free samples

Photo Courtesy of Amazon


If you are a consistent Amazon user and a Prime member, you can get a special version of their traditional free sample box. You can pick your box from a wide range of categories (including beauty products, dog food, etc.) and actually buy it. What happens next? The money you just spent (usually around $7.99) can be redeemed as an Amazon voucher and used towards your next purchase. It's really just a different way to give out free stuff!

Walmart Free Sample Boxes

Photo Courtesy of Walmart


Did you know that Walmart is also a key player in the free goodies market? You can select a box for yourself or a loved one that is filled with beauty products, baby goodies, toddler toys, and more! To cash in on these sweet deals, simply register on their website and take a short survey to ensure that your box if perfectly tailored to your preferences. You will receive a new both every season (approximately 1 box every 3 months), but considering you will only pay a shipping fee of $5 per box, it's still quite a deal!

Pinch Me

Photo Courtesy of Pinch Me

Pinch Me

We can't forget one of the most popular websites for free goodies and samples - Pinch me! It's hard to miss this site when you're searching for free online samples, goodie boxes, and sweet treats! Their boxes feature products from leading brands and will send them to you in exchange for a genuine review. All you need to do is join the team and create a profile - then just sit back and wait for the boxes to come straight to your door!


Photo Courtesy of Graze


Free sample boxes are also a great way to reach the hearts (and stomachs) of potential customers. Many online companies are happy to send free samples to let wary customers try out their merchandise. A perfect example of this is Graze, which is a popular source for natural and organic snack foods. This company only makes you pay for the delivery ($1) of your first box, so you can try it out and decide if their service is right for you.

Sephora Free Samples

Photo Courtesy of Sephora


If you are a makeup fanatic, you should know about a special Sephora hack that will score you some new free products. When buying items online, Sephora customers can add 3 free samples to orders that are $50+! You can click here to find all of the featured samples you can choose from including Cover FX Power Play Foundation, Versace Dylan Blue, IT Cosmetics Confidence Cleanser, and so much more!