How to Leverage Positive Feedback and Good Reviews to Get Discounts

Jul 01, 2018Reading Time: 3 min

If you make dozens of online purchases on the regular, it can seem like a hassle taking the time to review one product. But, what you might not know is that you could be passing up an opportunity to save some serious cash. Check out these ways you can find discounts and deals through reviews and positive feedback.

Sign Up With A Site

Believe it or not, there are tons of sites that will send you discounted or event products in return for an honest review on an online seller, like Amazon. Who doesn’t like getting rewarded for sharing their opinion? will send you notifications about products available for review after making an account. You’ll then receive a coupon to purchase the item at a discount, and will have two weeks to make a review upon receiving it. is another similar site that opens you up to a marketplace of discounted products available through Amazon upon signing up for an account- you may even find some products being offered for free!

You Might Hear Back

Many companies are committed to customer satisfaction and want to hear feedback, whether positive or negative, in order to improve the consumer experience. That’s why many are willing to make it up to the customer if they hear they’re dissatisfied.

It isn’t uncommon to hear of retailers or businesses contacting customers who left poor reviews on sites like Amazon and Yelp in order to offer them another product or even a refund. That’s why it can be beneficial to share your honest opinion through a review in the off chance the company may respond. At the very least, it will offer them feedback that can hopefully help improve their products or services in the future.

Scour The Site For Deals

Many sites, like Amazon or Yelp, offer promotions on well-reviewed items or businesses. Simply surfing through the best-reviewed products or services on the site can reveal deals you didn’t even know existed, and the review section will let you know if the item is actually worth it (even with the discount).

For example, Amazon often offers ‘cut-and-clip’ coupons that you can activate upon adding something to your cart. These deals change weekly, so there’s always something on sale to discover. Always keep an eye out for what’s the best-reviewed products or services, and whether the site is highlighting it by putting it on a discount to entice more customers to give it a try.

Use Coupons From Other Sites Wisely

There are tons of sites that offer promotions directly through Yelp or Amazon. Even if you’re not receiving anything in return for leaving a review, you can still indirectly use them to your advantage. Reviews are the best thing to consult when online shopping – and when deciding to use your coupons. is currently offering 20-90% off at the Best Local Businesses in your area via Yelp. By consulting the online reviews, it will help you decide what restaurant or business to choose from so you can use your coupon wisely. Likewise, through, you can also receive 60-90% off used textbooks at the moment. These sorts of deals are always changing, so keep an eye on online coupons to see where you can save even more... and consult and leave reviews so it’s easy to identify what deals are the best!

With these tips and tricks on how to leverage good reviews to your advantage, it’s even easier to save while online shopping. What budget-friendly trick will you use first?