Wrapped Up In Relaxation

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  November 14, 2014

Happy Friday Savvy Savers! Many parts of the country have already seen their first snowfall meaning winter…yes winter…is not that far away. I know many of you, like myself, are holding on tightly to summer. Maybe you haven’t fully transitioned your closet yet or are still trying to wear those favorite flip-flops, either way the inevitable is here. Instead of suffering through dry, cracked heels all winter long leaving you with disgusting feet come spring, take care of them now. This was you won’t end up with runs in your tights from the jagged edged swords, once known as your heels. Believe me, your budget and your favorite tights will thank me for this little at home spa treatment. The best part about it is that it takes almost no time, therefore giving you time for much needed relaxation after a long week, so give it a try this weekend. All you have to grab is your favorite thick moisturizer, cling wrap from the kitchen, and a comfy pair of socks. Sit down and rub the moisturizer all over your feet focusing on the driest/most cracked parts. You can add a little more so that it can soak in while you are doing the treatment. Then wrap your foot in the cling wrap and slip it into the sock. Repeat on the other side. Then just sit back and pop in your favorite movie while your moisturizer works its magic. You can repeat this as needed. I would recommend once a month, unless your feet are really bad. Then you might need to do it more often. This is inexpensive and saves your from emergency trips to the salon come Spring Break time. This is also a nice escape from all of the Holiday madness and a great time to just unwind and collect yourself. You certainly can’t put a dollar amount on that.



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