Spring Into Seasonal Cleaning

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  March 05, 2015

Spring is almost here, despite what the temperatures outside may be telling you. To get ready for the warmer weather, vacations, and eventually school being out, now is the perfect time to get through some spring-cleaning. I don’t know about you, but my Spring Fever is already setting in strong, and I have the craving to clean, reorganize, and redecorate. The real question is probably where do you start right? Instead of getting overwhelmed and giving up before you have even begun, let me help you spring in to action.

This is a commitment that you will have to stick to. My suggestion is to not pick a day that is suppose to have beautiful weather because then you will spend the entire day wishing you were outside and you won’t get any good spring-cleaning done. Then you will just have to do it again another day. If you live with other people, maybe pick a weekend when they aren’t home so that you can use the space available. No matter what your living situation is, making piles for everything will make all of the difference. So put on some comfortable clothes and make a killer playlist; there is no time like the present!

Your Personal Mall aka TheCloset

Like Carrie Bradshaw, we like our money where we can easily see it: in our closet. It is easy to keep buying more stuff and then simply forget what you have hidden. We all do it to some capacity. Winter isn’t over yet, but you know what you have been wearing for the last few months so it is okay to start going through your wardrobe. It is time to get rid of the items you actively choose not to wear. Once you have separated the distracting clothes, try everything else on. This will help you further organize into yes and no piles.

Once you have everything back in your closet and know what is there, it is time to test yourself on what you actually choose to wear day in and day out. When you wear an item of clothing, flip that hanger so that it is going in a different direction than the others. This way you know that you have worn it recently and can make use of other outfits. If you find that some hangers never flip directions, it is probably time to get rid of those clothes. They are just taking up space.


Around the Home

How many half empty bottles do you have around the house or piles of bills waiting to be organized? If you didn’t like going through your clothes, I can’t say that you will especially like this part of organizing but keep going! Combine duplicate products under your sinks, in cabinets, and in the bathroom and throw out what is empty. Once you have cleaned everything out and decided what you wanted to keep using, put everything in a neat basket or storage shelf, this way it isn’t spread out. If you are finding that you have excess amounts of products that you don’t love, why not try going the natural route. Products like vinegar, baking soda, dishwashing soap, and even lemon do wonders in the cleaning and beauty worlds. You will spend less money, be going green, and have less junk to store. Check out all of our tips for DIY cleaning solutions and DIY beauty solutions.

Office Organization

Don’t think your office needs any spring-cleaning? Think again. We all have those files on our computer that are not properly saved or are no longer relevant. It is time to clean these up. You will be amazed how much more efficient you will be when you know where everything is on your desktop. Also file away old notes, projects, and anything else just sitting on your desk. A cluttered desk of things you aren’t using is distracting. Staples has every type of organization tool that you could possibly want. So pick what suits your work style. While you’re there, pick up your favorite pens and post-its to give you a little inspiration at your desk. I always keep one pink pen at my desk to spark creativity when I need it.


Getting Ready for The New Season

Like I mentioned before, along with all of the cleaning and reorganizing I have been wanting to do, I also have an itch to redecorate. Unfortunately, redecorating every season is not a good idea when you are trying to stick to a budget. So instead of starting from scratch, add a few pops of spring colors to make it feel brand new, without spending excess money. You can add new towels, like these Coral Geo Jacquard Bath Towels, to the bathroom or this Aqua Two-Tone Geometric Throw to your living room with a bright colored floor cushion, all from Cost Plus. Little changes can make a big difference to the overall feel of a room.


Spring Cleaning Tips

  • Have a clothing swap with friends, family, and neighbors to exchange items you don’t want.
  • Bring your clothes to thrift shops. If it is what they are looking for, you can even make some money
  • Donate your clothes and household items to a charity or school in need
  • Lastly, take it room by room instead of trying to do it all at once.

Have fun spring-cleaning saavy savers!

xo Shannon

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