Putting the Lids on This Week's Tip Jars: September 5, 2014

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  September 05, 2014

Happy Friday Savvy Savers! We hope that you have all had a fantastic first week of September. We cannot believe that fall is almost here. Although the weather is still very much so in summer mode here in Santa Monica, we are still getting excited for all things pumpkin to start coming out. It is the little things in life that help make the push back into reality a little bit easier right? What are you looking forward to most in the next couple of weeks? Whatever it may be, we are hard at work to make sure that you are getting the most savings this season!




Instead of constantly purchasing new air fresheners, use what you already have around the house. If you want a quick way to freshen a room, attach a scented dryer sheet to the back of a box fan. This way you can get fresh smelling air circulated all around your room. This is a perfect idea for college dorm rooms, when the air isn’t quite the most refreshing that you could ever smell.




We all have Post-its piling up on our desk at some point or the other throughout any given week. Before throwing them out, use the sticky side to clean out the dirt and crumbs out of your keyboard. Keyboard cleaner is expensive, so this is a great way to stay on budget in the office and be a better environmentalist. I like to be creative with my Post-its and get fun colors to brighten up my day. Decorate and clean at the same time!




If you are an avid traveler, hiker, or outdoor enthusiast, then it probably isn’t a bad idea to have a traveling first-aid kit. Make to-go size kits using an old prescription bottle and just add the essentials. Keep Band-Aids, alcohol wipes, Neosporin, and whatever else you like to use in the container and throw it in your bag. You definitely won’t regret packing it if you run into any trouble. This is also a great thing to keep in your purse and car for every day use.




If you want to make your hair look fuller, skip the expensive sprays and grab an eye shadow that matches your hair color. To give the illusion that your hair is more voluminous, just shade your part using a makeup brush and the shadow to make everything blend together. This trick is also popular among people who constantly tan because it hides their natural skin color, making the tan appear more natural. It is definitely worth a shot, or at the very least something to play with.




Hangers are extremely necessary but also annoyingly expensive. Of course the plastic ones that don’t hold anything are affordable, but with those it seems that more time than not, the clothes end up on the floor. Instead of throwing away money on hangers, but update the ones you are currently using. Wrap rubber bands on each end of your plastic hanger and this will keep your clothes from slipping off the side. This is an easy way to protect your clothes and stay organized.


Have a wonderful weekend and don’t forget to share your tips with us!


xoxo Shannon

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