Putting the Lids on This Week's Tip Jars: October 25, 2013

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  October 25, 2013

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! We hope that you had a fantastic week and were able to try out some of our awesome tips. We can’t believe that it is already the end of October and that Halloween is almost here. Are you all ready?! We are still picking out our costumes and decorating here in the office, but we are all very excited! Have a fun, safe, and savings savvy weekend! 



One of the most helpful tools that we have found lying around the house are dyer sheets. Many people just use them during their weekly (or daily) laundry duties, but they actually have many great uses! In addition to cleaning your dirty iron, Apartment Therapy shows us how to remove gunk from pans with our new and used dryer sheets. They also work great to remove the static from your hair in the winter!




Libraries are one of the best resources available to us and have unfortunately become greatly overshadowed by the Internet. There is nothing better than going to the library though and renting a new book and movie without spending a dime! Now some libraries are even offering Hoopla, an online streaming source accessed through your library card!




Cleaning lettuce is definitely a good idea, especially when you are growing your own or picking it up from a local farmers market. Washing just makes sure that you are cleaning away all of the dirt and getting rid of any bacteria that could be present. There are many techniques that people use, but adding a little salt to your water helps not only remove the dirt, but also kills anything else that might be present on the lettuce you purchased. Clean you sink and fill it up to wash your lettuce or use a large bowl, and since the lettuce floats, the dirt will fall to the bottom.




In the beauty world, lemon is a jack-of-all-trades; it works on you hair, skin, and even removing those pesky stains on your nails left from dark polish.  Since lemon is an astringent, you can either directly rub a lemon on your nails until you have removed the stains and brightened them, or you can make a solution of lemon juice and water to soak your nails in. Both with give you great results!




Almost everyone these days has a smartphone that has some form of browsing capability, so the need to dial 411 is now just a bad habit. It definitely served it purpose for a while and is easier than searching for the number you are looking for, but every time you call, you spend money. At the end of the month your wallet will thank you for taking a few extra seconds to find the number on your own.


Wishing you the best from Santa Monica!


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