Putting the Lids on This Week's Tip Jars: November 8, 2013

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  November 08, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone! November has come in like a storm and the anticipation of Thanksgiving is already building! Is your town already starting to put up their holiday decorations? Santa Monica stores are slowing rolling out their decorative storefronts! What are you most excited about this season? I have a feeling that most of you savvy shoppers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Black Friday. I bet you even have your lists and schedules already perfected! Don’t forget to check with us the next few weeks for the best deals for this amazing season!




One of the best parts of fall and winter is that soup season comes into full swing. When you are trying new recipes, you are bound to make a few mistakes. Potatoes are a great thing to keep around to clean up those messes! In addition to removing salt from your soup, check out these other awesome suggestions by Readers Digest that can help you all around the house! I have always loved using potatoes as a hot compress!




Almost every longhaired girl has probably heard of this trick at least once in her life, especially those who have lighter hair. I certainly would not have survived college without it. It doesn’t make up for not washing your hair, but if you are running late or your hair is starting to look a little greasy at the end of the day, this little trick is a lifesaver. Sprinkle some on your roots and then just brush it through! Make sure you brush it well because otherwise you will be able to see the powder.




Nothing is worse than taking a shower and feeling like you are bathing in filth because no matter how much you have cleaned your bathroom, there is still a film left behind. Try using something that you already have in your house: a used dryer sheet! Save those sheets, and once it is time to clean, wet them, squeeze out the dripping water, and start scrubbing! Once the job is done, just dry the surfaces off.




I know that my first reaction to the cold weather is to crank my heat up, so that I can be toasty warm but unfortunately my wallet doesn’t like this habit.  Energy.gov shares with us some great tips on how to stay energy efficient through the winter months. I think the best option is to get a programmable thermostat; that way you don’t have to run your heat all day when no one is home, but you can also set it to warm up the house before you get home.




Gas prices are high, so instead of just waiting until the very last drop of gasoline left in your car, try apps like Gas Buddy or Gas Guru to help you find the lowest stations in your area. They will show you how far you are from the station and the current prices, that way you can judge if stopping sooner than later is a good idea.


Have a fantastic and fun weekend!

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