Putting the Lids on This Week's Tip Jars: May 2, 2014

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  May 02, 2014

HAPPY FRIDAY! We hope that you all have been having a fantastic week so far and have fun plans for the weekend. There has been some crazy weather in many parts of the country this week, so we hope that you all are okay and staying safe. Here in LA the weather has been abnormally warm, so we are excited to get out of the office this weekend and enjoy it while it lasts.  This week has been very exciting and busy for us. Currently our Social Media and Digital Strategy Manager is in Buckhead, GA for the Moms 2.0 conference. We are so excited to be connecting with some of the biggest bloggers in the country! In addition, our Mother’s Day Giveaway is coming to an end next week, so if you haven’t already, enter! On top of all of our socializing, we are still making sure that you get the best savings possible, so be sure to keep checking back in with us!




It can be fun to buy new earring, but often times we find ourselves buying a lot of cheap earrings that leave our ears sore after a long day. If you tend to get sensitive ears like this, we have the perfect trick! Next time you go to wear your cheaper earrings, put a little petroleum jelly on the post before putting it in your ear. Hopefully this will help with any irritation that might be being caused from the earring material.




It is finally time to start getting outside and working in the garden! We know that you all want your plants to grow and flourish in the garden, but there are always factors that threaten their overall health. If your plants look like they need a boost, try some Epsom Salt. For more of a maintenance routine, dilute 1 teaspoon of Epsom Salt in a gallon of water and use this on your plants. Hopefully you will see your plants growing big and strong in no time!




We put a lot of toxins into our bodies during the day, so it is a great idea to flush your system clean and give it a needed boost. One of the biggest trends right now is lemon water. Start your morning with a glass of warm or room temperature lemon water to eliminate daily toxins, improve your digestions, stimulate your metabolism, and hopefully boost your energy! All you have to do is squeeze ½ to a full lemon into your water and drink it up. It is refreshing and has great health benefits!




We always think about ourselves eating natural and homemade food, but what about our pets. Treat your furry friend to a natural treat that you can make right in your own kitchen! All you have to do is mix together 2 tablespoons of plain applesauce, ½ cup of peanut butter, 1 egg, 1 cup of whole-wheat flour, ½ teaspoon of baking powder, and ½ cup of rolled oats. Use cute cookie cutters, like a dog bone, and bake for 15 minutes at 325. We promise your dogs will love them!




Splinters are a given this time of year because we are spending more time outside around wood furniture, decks, and more. Next time you get one of these little but painful injuries, try Elmer’s Glue instead of pulling the splinter out yourself. All you have to do is put a small amount of glue over the area of the slinter and let it dry. Then once it is dry, just slowly peel the glue back. This little trick should pull the splinter out easily and painlessly.


We hope you have a wonderful weekend savvy savers!

xoxo Team Promotional Codes

Shannon Hanrahan Shannon Hanrahan Shannon is a LA transplant from Philadelphia and a social media junkie. When she is not Pinteresting or Instagraming away, she enjoys eating dessert first, traveling to new places, and being a self-proclaimed DIY expert (aka HGTV addict).

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