Putting the Lids on This Week's Tip Jars: June 20, 2014

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  June 20, 2014

Happy Friday Everyone! Summer officially starts tomorrow, and we can only hope that you are celebrating with graduation parties and barbecues. Summer is all about spending time with family and getting outside to enjoy the beautiful weather we are blessed with for a short 3 months! Be sure to check with us to get all of the best summer deals for clothes, travel, and outdoor fun. We want you to have the best summer ever and still be your savings savvy selves! Whatever the weekend holds for you, we hope that you have a fantastic time and enjoy every minute of it!




Just in time for summer, we have this amazing DIY project that will save you time and money culling through all of the options at the shoe store. Instead of settling on a pair of sandals, make your own. Grab your favorite pair of flip-flops and a scarf in whatever color you choose. When you are ready, cut the scarf lengthwise so that you have two equal halves for each sandal. Then knot the scarf in the center of the shoe and wrap it tightly around the straps. Once you are done with the straps, you will have enough fabric left to use on your ankles. Here is a great step-by-step video for the DIY sandals. They are inexpensive and completely customizable!




We are huge candle fans here, but they do add up very quickly. Make your very own candle with a regular orange that you keep in your kitchen. Just cut the orange in half and scoop out the center, making sure to leave a core-like steam in the middle of the orange. Then just fill the orange with cooking oil to just below the steam. Light the steam and it should burn for hours! It is inexpensive and will smell amazing!




We all have our times of impulse shopping, but it can take a big toll on our paychecks. Next time you really want to buy something that probably isn’t that necessary, wait 30 days until making the purchase. What is great about this is it ensures that you really want whatever you are buying. Either you will still remember that you want to buy it or it will completely slip your mind. This method will make you really think about your purchases.




In this age of technology, we shouldn’t have to still be taking up space with files and documents all around the house. Not only is it unorganized, but it also isn’t safe. If something were to ever happen to your house or office, all of your documents would be gone. Instead use a scanner and cloud storage to get everything saved electronically. That way it is all in one place and you can stay organized. It is a great place to keep receipts, documents, and important files.




Summer means camping, so make sure that for your next outing you have all of your food supplies lined up. Eggs are a great meal to cook over the fire and feed a lot of people. Unfortunately the cartons are very bulky and the shells are fragile. Instead lightly beat the eggs  and pour them into a reusable water bottle. This keeps them stored away but easily accessed. You can fit about 8 eggs inside a 16oz bottle. If you have more people, just pack extra bottles!


Again, have a great weekend and enjoy the first day of summer!

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Shannon Hanrahan Shannon Hanrahan Shannon is a LA transplant from Philadelphia and a social media junkie. When she is not Pinteresting or Instagraming away, she enjoys eating dessert first, traveling to new places, and being a self-proclaimed DIY expert (aka HGTV addict).

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