Putting the Lids on This Week's Tip Jars: December 20, 2013

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  December 20, 2013

HAPPY FRIDAY EVERYONE! I hope that you are all having as great of a day as us! With Christmas just around the corner now, the office is buzzing with holiday elves, ugly Christmas sweaters, and sweets galore. It is definitely the best way we can think of to end a long workweek! Hopefully you all with have some sort of downtime this week and are getting pumped for 2014! As always, be sure to check with us to get the best deals everyday during this holiday season! Please have a safe, fun, and festive weekend!




Christmas lights look beautiful hanging in the house and wrapped around the tree, but forgetting to turn them off can cause a spike in your electricity bill during the holidays. If you find yourself forgetting to unplug your tree at night or when you leave your house, purchase a timer and schedule when you want your lights to go on and off. This way you will have a beautiful decorated house and your wallet won’t suffer at the same time! If you are looking to get a good timer, Wal-Mart and Target have many different options.




We love going into our cupboards to solve our beauty needs, and honey has been a go to for years! Why go out and buy harsh spot treatments when you can try something natural? The Acne Zone shares with us that honey works at killing the bacteria and reducing inflammation, this is why the results are so great! It is definitely something you can try for the occasional breakout, but if it is something more constant, a doctor is still going to have the best advice.  For the best results, use raw honey to avoid the uses of any additives in packaged honey, as it may irritate your skin. Leave it on overnight or do a mask to give your skin an extra special treat.




The holidays get very expensive with parties, traveling, and gifts, so if you are running a little low on extra cash this yea, suggest doing a Secret Santa with your family or friends! Not only will you save not having to buy for everyone, but you can also get creative with your shopping. When you only have to focus on one person, you can have more fun and really pick out a good gift. A Secret Santa is also nice because you can set a price limit, so that everyone gives gifts of equal value.  Need some ideas? Let Refinery 29 help!




Vinegar may not smell the best, but it ability to clean the household naturally makes up for everything! If you aren’t interested in spending money on expensive and harsh chemicals, then grab a container of white vinegar. It can be used alone or be mixed with water and will save you a lot of money in the long run. Bathrooms are not fun to clean, but showers more specifically are just time consuming seemingly always dirty. This tip of adding a refillable dish sponge, already filled with ½ vinegar ½ water, into the shower is amazing! This way you will be cleaning green and can just scrub while you are showering.  You are saving time and money in one easy step!




There is just something about buying a real book and flipping through the pages, but unfortunately prices have significantly gone up. If you are still an avid reader and looking to purchase books regularly, try downloading the kindle app to your computer, tablet, or phone and enjoy digital books whenever you want! Many times the digital versions are a little less expensive, and you will be saving money by not driving to the bookstore or library. There are even free kindle book downloads for you to enjoy!


Happy Holidays!

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