Putting the Lids on This Week's Tip Jars: August 1, 2014

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  August 01, 2014

Happy Friday Everyone! Can you believe that it is already August? It feels like summer just started and now schools in some parts of the country are already going back. Luckily we are stocked with amazing back to school deals to help you get the best savings for the season. If you are lucky to still have a few more weeks of summer, enjoy them! Soon enough, we will be surrounded by all things winter and holiday season, dreaming about the warm weather and beach. Luckily we have some time until then, so savvy savers have a wonderful and safe weekend!




When you are traveling, it is essential to be aware of the cash you have with you at all times, whether you are physically carrying it on you or you have hidden it somewhere in your hotel room. A great way to hide your money at all times is to use an old Chapstick container. You can roll up your bills and then keep it close to you unsuspectingly.




Achieving the perfect hairstyle every day is not an easy task nor is it inexpensive. Bobby pins can be your best friend and worst enemy at the same exact time, so try this little trick to save you some time and money. If you have trouble getting the pins to stay in place take some hairspray to them. Lay them out on a towel and spray them. Then shake the towel a bit, with the pins inside to move the hair spray around. Once you are done, they are ready to use!




Sometimes you just need that cup of coffee to make the day better. If you are an ice coffee fan, don’t ruin it by watering it down. Instead try this little trick! Make a pot of coffee and then use it to fill up an ice tray. This way you can add the coffee cubes into your iced coffee and not worry about ruining the taste. This will be your new favorite habit, especially during these warm months.




Drying delicates is always a hassle since they typically get air-dried. If you are in a pinch or simply don’t want to spend an extended amount of time drying your clothes, grab a salad spinner. You can place your delicates into the spinner, and it will remove the excess water. It cuts the drying time significantly, and all you have to do is hang the item up to finish the drying process.




Summer means ticks and unfortunately if you have dogs, that means expensive medicine. They are completely worth it though! If you want to really make sure that they are safe from the ticks, try a rose germanium blend for their collar. As always, check with your vet first if this is okay, but adding this essential oil can help further prevent the ticks from being attracted to your dog. Mix the rose geranium with vegetable oil so that the essential oil isn’t too strong and then place some drops on your dog’s collar. Hopefully this will help prevent any vet trips during tick season.


Xoxo Shannon

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