Putting the Lids on This Week's Tip Jar: December 6, 2013

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  December 06, 2013

Happy Friday Everyone! We hope that you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and were able to relax a bit with friends and family before hopping into the next holiday. It seems like it was just summer, and now we are getting ready for Christmas here in the office. Hopefully all you savvy shoppers have already finished picking out your gifts and don’t have to worry about that the next two weeks! If you haven’t, don’t worry because we will still find you the best deals out there to make sure you get exactly what you are looking for! Please have a great weekend and do something festive! You won’t regret it :)




Shopping can be exhausting and get very expensive quickly, especially when you feel pressured into buying things you never intended to get. This is where making a list and sticking to it will make a huge difference.  Just like when you are grocery shopping, having a list prepared will keep you relaxed and in control when you are out getting your gifts. Since a list takes preparation, you will already feel comfortable about what you are getting and know that you can afford it.




Did any of you notice the turkeys and other popular Thanksgiving ingredients on sale this week? We know we did! Turkeys were half off at a few of the grocery stores here in Santa Monica! Well be ready for post Christmas sales as well and continue to check your circulars for weekly sales. With all of the cooking that goes on during this time of the year, you are bound to continue seeing great savings!




Probably the most annoying part of winter, besides the sub-zero temperatures, is the dry skin! We know that one a cold day, nothing feels better then getting into a nice hot shower, but unfortunately this is not helping your skin. Instead of spending a ton of money on expensive creams and soaps, try taking a cooler shower.  As Newsweek explains to us, long, hot showers strip out skin of protective oils. Although there are a lot of other factors during this season exacerbating the problem, lowering the temperature and using a good cream should help you see a difference!




Like we mentioned earlier, it seems that this time of year is all about food, and we certainly are not complaining. If you are looking to cut a few costs though, try hosting a potluck instead this year. This way you won’t have to shop for everyone and spend a ton of money, and you can learn a new recipe at the same time! Everyone can bring their own festive dish or drink, and you all can hang out and enjoy the best of the season.




Another negative of winter is getting sick, and it always happens at the worst time too! This year if you get a sore throat, try mixing honey and lemon in warm water and drinking it like tea. No only does it taste great, it also really does help. It won’t cure your cold, but it will soothe the muscles in your throat and coat the lining, giving you temporary relief.  It sounds too easy to work, but we have all done it here and LOVE it.


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