Practically Cost-Free Nightstand Ideas for Bedrooms

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  May 27, 2014

Memorial weekend is the unofficial kick-start of summer, and whereas many of you probably spent the long weekend hanging out at the beach, pool, or a local barbeque, I decided to rehaul my bedroom. What started as a little attempt at some organization led to a full-blown and much-needed summer cleanse.

Although I have officially lived in California for 10 months, up until this weekend I was still using a box with a blanket draped over it as a nightstand. I know, embarrassing, but I was not looking to spend a lot of money on a piece of furniture I probably wouldn’t like in a few months, so I just waited and eventually forgot. With plenty of time on my hands this weekend though, I decided to take the plunge and finish up my room. Instead of shelling out a couple hundred dollars on two nightstands, I decided to head to Pinterest to find a less expensive and more unique option for my room. Here are some practically cost-free nightstand ideas for bedrooms:


Nightstand Ideas for Bedrooms

Wooden Crates

If you like the shabby chic/rustic look, then you will quickly fall in love with this trend. I checked my nearby craft store and was able to find crates that matched exactly what I was looking for. What is great about the crates in the store is that they are normally made of 100% pine and are unfinished, so you can paint, stain, or embellish as you choose!



I was originally planning on doing a natural dark stain on my crates, but I decided to go with ones that were already lightly painted white, saving me the cost of the paint and the time sanding and painting.  What is also great about using crates is that you can stack them differently to get your desired look or height, whether you want a nightstand, bookcase, or even just a storage compartment. Since my whole project started with trying to find more storage, I went with two crates stacked horizontally on top of each other and found a little basket to put on one of the shelves for my loose items. With 40% off any regular item from JoAnn, I only spent $75 and got two full nightstands. Also since they are just stacked, if I change my mind and want to get something new, I can use the crates around the apartment to hold blankets, books, or other random household items.


Lying Around

If you aren’t sold on my DIY Wooden Crate Nightstands, then maybe give these options a try. You can use a distressed chair next to your bed that can add a nice pop of color to the room or a vintage look. Not only can it serve as a seat if needed, but it is the perfect place to store your clock, lamp, or whatever you need by your bedside. It isn’t the best option for storage, but you can always use it to hang a jacket or blanket when you aren’t using it.



I also really like the idea of using old suitcases piled up as a nightstand. With the weather warming up, more people are going to be having yard sales to clean out their house, so you may even be able to find a set of suitcases for next to nothing. Decorate it with a mirror or pretty plate, and you have a glamorous nightstand that provides great storage and functionality.



Which DIY nightstand is your favorite? Share with us below!

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