How to Build a Home Theater from Scratch

By Sun Jung  •  August 23, 2014

Nobody likes paying $15 to watch a movie – especially if the film turns out to be a bad one. But let’s accept it: watching movies au théâtre makes the experience better. Especially the bad ones. Despite the predictable storyline and mundane script, the experience of being in the darkness facing a large screen lessens the dissatisfying aftertaste. And if you end up watching something enjoyable, the atmosphere amplifies the experience. Because frequenting cinemas can adversely affect your budget, think about investing in a home theater. It helps you save on tickets, snacks, drinks, and even time. Here’s build a home theater from scratch.


Streaming/DVD rental services

The perks of bringing the theater at home is that you have access to more options – depending on the stream services you decide to use. Instead of choosing from a pool of ten movies, you have hundreds of titles that are clicks away from streaming. If you haven’t subscribed to any streaming services yet, check out a list of them below:


For $7.99 per month, you can watch movies from the most popular online streaming service out there. Netflix has a wide selection of mainstream, independent, foreign, documentary, and many more that you can enjoy. Additionally, Netflix has its own TV series that are only available for its members.

Time Life

Were you born in the wrong era? Are you a classic TV junkie? Or do you simply miss old TV? Time Life has a collection of classic TV series in DVD that you can rent out. Think about watching the complete series of The Wonder Years, Mama’s Family, and The Carol Burnett Show. Enjoy the free bonus CD & collector’s box deal for a limited time.

Redbox Instant

Some contemporary Hollywood movies take a long time to make their way to Netflix. Some don’t even make it at all. If you want to watch recent titles, Redbox Instant has a modern selection that you can rent out for as low as $3. Get a free trial if you don’t believe me.


Remember those Blockbuster trips where you walked through the aisles figuring out what to rent? You can relive those days online. Better, you won’t have to worry about limited copies in the shelves since everything is available online. And even better, there is a 5% off coupon on movies and games. New films get added daily and they have stunning 1080p HD quality.


Movie nights for youngsters’ parents can be challenging. You don’t want your children to see blood and curse words during family time. But you also don’t want to overdose on kids’ movies. VidAngel provides the perfect solution for all of the above problems. It offers censored movies, TV shows, and popular YouTube videos that are family-friendly. Enjoy one month free trial.


With more than 180 channels and 15 languages, Dish World rocks the international TV scene for those who want to venture in foreign entertainment. Watch on-demand movies, new releases, and free Bollywood movies. Also, enjoy 50% off Roku 3 when you purchase three months of Dishworld.


Projector and screen

No matter how giant your TV screen is, it cannot beat the viewing experience that a projector can provide. Projectors can cost from $200 to $700, depending on the brand and quality you want. Projector screens can cost from $40 to $800, depending on the size you want. Some people decide to use drywall as their scree. Yes, they are costly. But again, if you can snatch a good deal you can save a significant amount of money. Below are the best places to buy theater home projectors and screens with present discounts.

Best Buy – Currently, Best Buy has a 10% off coupon in addition to other deals.

Rakuten – When you spend over $50, Rakuten gives you $5 off on your order. Additionally, it features 20% to 80% off weekly deals.

MacMall – For Mac users, MacMall is the ideal place to find projectors that are compatible with their Apple products. Check out its latest 30% off Mac specials.



Having a blasting sound system is a must for a delightful movie night. Do not buy normal stereo speakers. Those were acceptable back when you had solo movie nights in your dorm room gobbling ramen. Invest in a 5.1 surround system – where you get six speakers that bring the noise inside your eardrums. If you want to revamp, get the 7.1 surround system, which uses eight channels of audio. Also, let’s not forget the wires. Instead of overspending on wires termed as “speaker cable,” buy bell wire. There isn’t any difference between those two except that the former has a commercial label that makes it more expensive. Below are a list of stores and discounts where you can get speakers.

Seismic Audio Speakers – They now have a 10% off coupon on all your purchases. Additionally, if you spend $300 or more, you get $25 off.

Bose – Receive $200 off on CineMate 1 SR Home Theater Speaker System with Bose. Hurry up because it expires in two weeks!

Crutchfield – Enjoy a free $20 Crutchfield Rewards Certificate with orders of over $250. Crutchfield is dedicated in selling audio electronics; they even have an exclusive section for theater sound system.

Other factors such as furniture position, snack options, list of guests and beverages play pivotal roles during movie nights. Arrange and prepare everything based your family’s and friends’ gusto. The key is to replicate that $15 experience at home. 

Sun Jung Sun Jung Sun Jung is currently an undergraduate student at the University of Southern California majoring in English Literature. Born in South Korea, she was raised in Guadalajara, Mexico for seventeen years before coming to LA for college.

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