Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Fire Phone

By Justin Hun  •  June 18, 2014

Amazon’s showcase of the Amazon Fire Phone is set to create some buzz in the cell phone world. With Amazon’s advancement in technology alongside their “drone” plan for instant shipment in the near future, Amazon is pushing the boundary on what technology can become. In today’s press release in Seattle, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos enthusiastically presented this new device and its many innovative and exciting features. At first glance, the Amazon Fire resembles the iPhone and Android; but it’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what they put in it.


The Amazon Fire Phone


The Fire’s Sweet Specs

Ideally, what people want is something that fits comfortably in their hands and will do more than their home computers, along with extremely long battery life. We haven’t quite gotten there yet, but we are getting close. The Amazon Fire takes the simple black candy-bar design and finely tunes it. Compared to the 4” display the iPhone 5S has, Amazon is pushing to a larger 4.7” screen, according to Bezos. The 4.7 is “optimized as the best size for one-handed use.” Using premium materials, The Fire is built to take some hard hits. It uses a rubberized aluminum shell and Gorilla glass to encase the phone on both sides. Last year, Apple tried desperately to solve the durability question of their phones, so hopefully The Fire has made those improvements.

To further highlight the display, Amazon has integrated an ultra-bright display with dynamic image contrast for photos and videos. It even comes with a circular polarizer, so when you’re out on the beach with your sunglasses it on, it won’t distort the way your images display.



The internals are what cell phone geeks and tech nerds have been craving. Jam-packed with a quad-core 2.2 GHz processor, an Adreno 330 graphics processor, and 2GB RAM, you might just have to throw away your computer if it can’t make phone calls. With a quad-core processor and hefty amount of RAM, you’ll be able to run multiple apps, view photos, and listen to music at the same time without having your phone skip a beat.

What most cell phone users want now is a good camera for pictures and capturing video. With 13 mega-pixels and an f/2.0 five element lens including optical image stabilization built in the back, it is almost more of a camera than a phone. In a comparison of the images between the iPhone 5S and Samsung S5, The Fire produced a better photo even though the S5 had more mega-pixels. The secret lies within the camera itself. With a bunch of tiny electronic motors built in the lens adjusting the lens 100x a second—it assures that your photo looks as best as the phone can possibly produce. Optical image stabilization ensures that no matter how quickly you can snap or how shaky your hands get, the photo will turn out crisp and clear.

The Fire comes set like a home theater system on the go. It has two dual speakers produced by Dolby Digital to create a virtual surround sound right in the palm of your hand. It also has an innovative take on earbuds. What Apple has yet to solve is the entanglement of those earbud wires that come with the phone. By simply flattening the wires, Amazon improves the wires entangle resistance when you put the buds into your ears. The ends are also magnetic so when you’re done using them, they snap together and pack away quite easily.



Amazon’s Big Three

The next three things are crucial to Amazon’s success against its big competitors. Firstly, there is the introduction of a complete and free service that can be accessed right from the phone itself. Named as “Mayday,” Amazon looks to highlight exceptional and easy-to-reach service if you’re having difficulties or questions about how your new phone works. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year. It can be found in the “quick actions” menu where you can simply text your questions and concerns, and you’ll get a response within 15 seconds.

The next important feature is called “Firefly.” Taking samples from images, video and sound, Firefly is able to determine exactly what it is. If you’ve ever watched the middle of a TV show wondering what episode you’re on, the Firefly can determine the episode, season and where to purchase it from a small snippet. The same applies to music. Third-party apps like iHeartRadio can also be integrated into Firefly so you can create playlists for your newly found song. It even works for artwork and will find information on the artist, including the work’s date. Firefly recognizes 100 million different items under real-world circumstances and is able to solve problems and develop its own solutions to help you get the answers you need.



Lastly but most importantly, there is “Dynamic Perspective.” This has thrown the Internet into tizzy as to whether it’s true or not. The display utilizes the ability to track your face and project the image to whatever angle you’re looking at it. With four small cameras on the corners of the phone, The Fire is able to specifically decipher faces from t-shirts and images. It creates a new Z-depth that takes images from being flat to 3D-like effect.

Amazon has invested a lot of money as well as ideas into this phone and we won’t know until it hits the market on whether or not it was worth it. From what we can tell now is that this phone opens a lot of doors to the future of hand-held devices. Perhaps projected screen displays or virtual scents aren’t too far away. AT&T will offer the phone on a two-year contract for $199 for a 32GB and $299 for a 64GB. The sweet incentives to choose The Fire this summer is the unlimited Amazon Cloud backup for all your info as well as a 12 month free Prime membership for new members or 12 months free in addition for current Prime members. Check it out on July 25 when the Amazon Fire ships out, we’ll see how Apple and Android companies will fight back.

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