A Swifter Way to Get the House Clean

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  December 19, 2014

Happy Friday Savvy Savers! The holidays are upon us meaning we have more people in and out of our houses, more things to worry about, and less time to clean up after everyone. Swiffer is a household name now, and I am sure it will be your go-to cleaning product this time of year given how convenient it is and easy to use. But I know that those pads still add up, and you don’t need to be wasting any more money this holiday season. Instead of buying the pads that you end up throwing out, try making your own out of fuzzy socks. You know the socks I am talking about…the brightly colored ones that you find in every store for a couple of dollars a pack. Not only do they make the perfect fireside accessory, but they also clean up dirt and dust very well. Just slip the sock over the Swiffer head and start cleaning. When you are done, throw the sock in the washing machine and reuse when it is done. The box of Swiffer pads may not cost much, but they are disposable. By making your own with socks, you are savings money and being environmentally friendly at the same time. Plus you can wear them whenever you want as well. They don’t just have to be for cleaning! Also if you need last minute holiday gift items, grab a few extra pair of these fuzzy socks. They are warm and the perfect way to unwind after a long workday. You will not disappoint with a present like those.



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