A Kiss of Irish for St. Patrick's Day

By Shannon Hanrahan  •  March 11, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day is in less than a week, and whether you are of Irish heritage or just like the idea of celebrating the holiday, you are in store for an entertaining day. Being Irish myself, I grew up celebrating with leprechaun tricks, lucky gifts, and green food all day. It has been a couple of years since I have truly gotten into the St. Patrick’s Day spirit, but this year that is all about to change! From little gifts to décor to food, here are just a few ways to bring some ‘Luck of the Irish’ into your lives next Monday.


Pinch Proof

There is nothing quite like waking up to a little gift when you are least expecting it. So this year surprise your kids, family members, or even your roommates with a little something green. It has become a tradition that if someone is not wearing green on St. Patrick’s Day then they can be seen by the leprechauns and will be pinched, so do your friends and family a favor and add some green gear to their gift. A simple green necklace, like the one below from Forever21, or a bottle of green nail polish will look great and keep them safe from pinching. Add it to a little green bucket, filled with other green essentials, for the perfect start to the day! If you just want to do something small, give out some Irish kisses!



Touch of Irish

If you aren’t buying gifts for anyone, but still want a little touch of Irish around your house or at your desk, add some lucky décor. There are free printables all over Pinterest with cute sayings perfect to celebrate the holiday with.



You can also green up your space with a beautiful flower arrangement or door wreath, to add just the right amount of color. My abosulte favorite decoration piece is a fancy horseshoe! Being a horseback rider myself, I am always looking for ways to incorporate some of my past horseshoes into my home. This one allows me to do that and show off my Irish side!



Charmed Life

Lucky Charms are possibly still my favorite cereal, but since I know that they do not have much nutritional value, I only treat myself to them every once and a while. St. Patrick’s Day is going to be one of those times! There are two recipes that I am dying to try out.

I am a huge fan of ‘puppy chow,’ and I found a perfect recipe for the 17th on Pinterest by FrugalMomEh.com: Lucky Charms Muddy Buddies. It is definitely a sweets overload, but it looks too delicious not to try! Chocolate, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and lucky charms all make this a must have St. Patrick’s Day dessert!



The second recipe I found is very simple but absolutely adorable and perfect to have kids bring into school or for us adults to bring into work! All you have to do is top your favorite cupcakes with some lucky charms to bring some leprechaun love to those around you!  



If sweets aren’t you thing, you can always dye some mashed potatoes green and pair them with some corn beef! That was always my favorite part about St. Patrick’s Day growing up! Pair it with a green beer or other green beverage (like green tea) and you are ready to end your day right!


These are the ways I am planning on sharing my Irish luck, all of which can be found on our Pinterest page. How are you going to celebrate? Share below!

Shannon Hanrahan Shannon Hanrahan Shannon is a LA transplant from Philadelphia and a social media junkie. When she is not Pinteresting or Instagraming away, she enjoys eating dessert first, traveling to new places, and being a self-proclaimed DIY expert (aka HGTV addict).

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