6 Free Apps that Save You Money

By Noah Henry  •  October 11, 2013

Mobile technology is getting to the point where you can actually download a free app and save money using it. You’re can now scan bar codes to check for cheaper prices, utilize digital coupons, and even video conference with a friend in Japan—all from your smartphone, for free. If you’re looking for a little extra green (and who isn’t?), check out the following apps:



It’s in the name. While in the previous paragraph I mentioned these would be free, forgive me, this one costs $5. But you never have to pay for a text ever again. You can send texts to friends who don’t even have the app, or a smartphone. Textfree must be open for you to receive a text, and you have to use a number different than yours. Those are the catches. Available for Android, iOS, Mac and PC, it even lets you chat via Facebook.



Have you ever wanted to video conference on your smartphone? Fring allows you to use your camera phone to chat with up to four people on your screen. A viable alternative to costly video conferencing software, this app offers free group video chat on your Android or smartphone. Many know the benefits of using Fring, which help save on call and text messaging fees—10 million minutes are spent using Fring every month!



Wallaby optimizes credit card usage based on individual preferences by intelligently selecting which credit card you should use while at a restaurant or store. After you enter your credit cards into the app, Wallaby uses the GPS on your phone to identify where you are, and then lets you know which card to use to get the most cash or rewards. If you’re uncomfortable entering your credit card information, you can just enter which credit cards you have. It’ll choose which card is most preferable.



Essentially, this app gives you money for buying things you want. You can browse more than 75 stores and choose a product you want, complete a task and receive credit in your account. The more tasks you complete, the more credit you get. What are the tasks? There are many, but a few include Tweeting about an offer, taking a short poll, or learning about a brand’s charitable work. You unlock your earnings once you buy the product. Even popular retailers like 7-Eleven, Target, Costco, Ralphs, and CVS are on the Ibotta kick.  



If a retailer claims to have a low-price guarantee, with this app, you can actually check. RedLaser gives you the ability to scan the bar code of a product and show all the prices of that same product within your area. Once you spot a better deal, you can buy directly from your phone and have that product waiting for you when you arrive. It even lets you know if foods contain allergens.


promocodes.com Coupon App

Perhaps the best app of all, the promocodes.com Coupon App lets you browse thousands of stores right from your smartphone, enabling you to find the best price, every time. A veritable innovation of genius, this app takes the ease of shopping to levels never before known. It’s free, amazing, and you should download it immediately.

Noah Henry Noah Henry Noah Henry is an amateur movie critic, foodie, bowler, and beer reviewer. But he's no amateur when it comes to saving money, so listen up!

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