5 St. Patrick's Day Activities in a Pinch

By Candice Cerro  •  March 14, 2014

Since St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday this year, many festive adults feel their fun will be squashed with the beginning of the work week. St. Patrick’s Day 2014 does not have to be a complete wash though just because it’s on a week night. Here are five festive ways to celebrate the holiday that can be planned last minute and won’t cost you a pot of gold!


1. Find a St. Patrick’s Day Parade: One year when I was studying abroad in Washington, D.C. I learned what a big deal a St. Patrick’s Day parade can be. Growing up in the ‘burbs (okay it was farm, but tomato/toMAHto), I hadn’t seen such revelry before. If you have the day off, clear your schedule and find the closest parade and take part in the festivities. South Boston, New York, New Orleans, Chicago and Savannah are all good spots to catch epic St. Patrick’s Day parades. Even if you don’t have a full day off work, you might be able to sneak out on your lunch break and catch a ‘wee bit of the action.

2. Festive Breakfast with the Kids: My mom was a preschool teacher, so on St. Patrick’s Day we always woke up to a breakfast of green eggs and ham and she read to us from the famous Dr. Suess book before sending us off to school. This is a tradition I continued when I became an adult, but since I have no kids I read to my dogs (just kidding). It’s a fun way to start the day off with and ensure your children have a great day at school. Make sure they head out the door wearing green, otherwise the day could quickly sour.



3. St. Patrick’s Day Swag for Your Coworkers: Festive gear like green party beads, green mustaches, leprechaun hat headbands and more can be found at many party retailers like SHinDigZ. For less than $50 you can bring the fun to the office by leaving surprises on all of your coworkers’ desks to wear.

4. Green Beer Happy Hour: Most local watering holes will have specials on green beer Monday evening. Whether you meet your significant other, friends, go with coworkers or fly solo, there’s always a packed house and good people watching. Warning: Do not indulge too much in the green juice, calling in sick to work due to “food poisoning” or a “stomach bug” the day after St. Patrick’s Day is always a red, or should I say green, flag… the same happens to be true for the day after Cinco de Mayo.

5. Themed Game Night with Your Friends: If you want to stay in but still have fun, make your own St. Patrick’s Day appetizers, put some green food coloring in your beer and have everyone bring their favorite board games. Then put on some Dropkick Murphy’s music to set the mood!

Enjoy these St. Patrick's Day activities, and whatever you do, remember to be safe and responsible.

Candice Cerro Candice Cerro Candice Cerro is passionate about never paying full price for anything and wants to help as many people as possible achieve the same goal. When she's not not searching for the best deals online, she can found running in half marathons, reading, and spending time with her family.

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