Solving the Problem of Winter Workout Woes

Solving the Problem of Winter Workout Woes

Chris Dato

Chris DatoDec 08, 20143 min read

There is something about the cold weather of winter that makes even the most menial task seem exhausting. When it starts to rain and snow, the desire is instinctual to move further away from the door and closer to the fireplace. When we discussed tips for staying in shape during the holidays, we mentioned that the workout regiment that it took you all year to commit to is one of the first victims claimed by the cold. So with so much temptation to stay sluggish, how do you find the energy and motivation to keep up your workout routine?


The solution to your winter workout woes may be closer than you think. Since the rain makes it so much more inconvenient to get around, perhaps the best solution is to avoid leaving all together. Home workout machines have come a long way from the infomercials we all remember with Tony Little and his ponytail shouting out inspirational messages like a motivational drill instructor. There are a plethora of different workout machines of varying size and function, so you will want to choose one that suits your needs and fitness goals to avoid ending up with an expensive clothes rack. Many machines, such as the TRX, incorporate body weight and resistance to make them effective while keeping the unit small enough to be storable and unobtrusive. Use this promotion to receive $50 off if you do want to purchase a TRX Trainer System.

Even if you are hesitant about purchasing a workout machine, you can still stay in shape without going outside. Why not start a 30 or 45-day workout program to keep your muscles active while your regular workout routine is interrupted. Programs like this, such as Insanity or P90X, are a great solution to winter fatigue because they require little or no equipment, can be done right in your house, and are already broken up into hour-long sessions which makes them easy to schedule.


If you are ready, or even excited, to brave the elements of winter than there is no shortage of activities to keep you looking trim under all those layers. In fact, the most difficult matter at hand when it comes to getting your workout in the great outdoors is having the right gear. BackCountry and Dick's Sporting Goods are having amazing sales on all of your favorite items.

Despite my addiction to the sun, I do love when the cold weather comes for one reason: Snowboarding. Not only is snowboarding a chance to appreciate nature and the winter landscape, but it is also a great all around workout. Any outdoor activity in the snow from skiing, hiking, or even ice-skating is a great opportunity to make winter memories while getting some exercise. If you do choose to take on the frozen tundra, take another look at our tips for getting your car winter ready before you hit the road. 

We have all had the feeling of envy for the ingenious bears that are smart enough to hibernate through the cold season until the weather is less inclement. However, it is important to keep up your health through the holidays, wherever you find the opportunity.