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Proactiv is a leading skincare brand focused on acne treatment. Since they exploded into the marketplace in 1995, Proactiv has been a major player in the world of topical ointments and acne treatment. Their patented 3-step approach has proven time and time again that Proactiv gets the job done by clearing up your acne. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself at!

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Proactiv Coupons and Deals

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Proactiv was introduced to consumers in 1995 after two American dermatologists created a tripartite topical cream regimen designed to combat acne. Today Proactiv is a household name but it’s not as if Proactiv simply came out of thin air, there was and continues to be tons of competition in the acne treatment market. Once the product’s effectiveness began to attract attention Proactiv doubled down with celebrity endorsements and brilliant infomercial campaigns spreading the word about the benefits of Proactiv even further.

Proactiv’s landmark product includes a three-step system including a cleanser, toner, and repairing lotion. All three of these lotions are meant to combat bacteria which breed in clogged pores, but also to manage future oil build-up which causes pores to become clogged in the first place. Since then, Proactiv has put out other topical ointment products like Proactiv+ and ProactivMD Essentials, all centered around helping consumers keep their skin healthy. Take a look at their various treatment approaches at and see which plan is right for you.