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Gone are the days when people found products and services they needed by walking around town, or through referrals from people they knew and searching through giant physical directories. Yelp for Business Owners puts your business in front of a community of millions of people ready to buy, visit, and hire. In just a few minutes, you can set up a yelp page for your business and show people all the wonderful reasons they should choose you. Yelp for Business Owners gives you the opportunity to showcase your business to potential customers through photos and learn more about them when you track clicks, calls, page visits and other page insights. By responding to customer reviews and feedback on Yelp, you build a relationship with them and this makes it easy for them to develop loyalty to your brand and return to your business again if they ever need to. By providing basic information about your business on your Yelp business page, like working hours and contact details, you make it easier for a customer to communicate with you about any services they are looking for, including asking for quotations. Thanks to reviews of your business from the Yelp community, new customers can feel confident in choosing you, on the basis of positive reviews given by others who have used your products or hired your services. Business page insights like clicks, calls and page visits help you learn more about your potential and existing customers, so you can improve your services, products and marketing strategy to better attract your target market. With Yelp’s targeted advertising feature, you can advertise your business directly to your target audience and increase the chances of turning page visitors into customers. You can take advantage of this feature to grow your business at a low cost when you use a Yelp for Business Owners coupon and promo code from to get $300 off Yelp Ads.

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Yelp for Business Coupons and Deals

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Yelp for Business Owners Coupons and Review

Growing your business is now easier with Yelp for Business Owners. Yelp was founded in 2004, primarily aimed at connecting people in search of certain products and services with the businesses that provide them, in an easy and convenient way. As a business owner, Yelp for Business Owners presents a unique opportunity for you to showcase your products and services to potential customers and actively engage in converting page visits to actual customers. So claim your free business page today and make sure to use coupons and coupon codes for Yelp for Business Owners when you start advertising your business page to locals.

Setting up a Yelp page for your business is fast, easy and most importantly, free. All you need to do to get started is enter the name and street address of your business. Or you can claim your page by searching for it on the Yelp for Business Owners website and verifying that you are the owner of your business. To help people find your business, you can update information like business hours and phone numbers on your page, so customers will know how and when they can get in touch with you. Uploading photos of your products, or images related to the services you provide, and providing a link to your website will give customers a better idea of what they can expect from you, and make it easier for them to decide whether they would like to buy from, visit or hire you. Other helpful free tools for businesses are page analytics like the number of page clicks you get and click-through rate to your website. This will give you an insight on the potential customers visiting.

Using information gathered from your page insights, you can change your marketing strategy accordingly and use Yelp Ads to make sure your business is featured whenever consumers search for products or services that you offer. Yelp Ads appear in several places, including relevant search result pages and competitor business pages, and they promote your business across all Yelp platforms; including desktop, mobile website, and mobile app to increase your visibility. With Yelp for Business Owners promotions and deals, you can save money while increasing your pages visibility with Yelp Ads. Using free tools from Yelp for Business Owners, you can track how often your ad is being shown and how many customers your ads are driving to your business page, listed website or store. Many different businesses use Yelp Ads to grow their customer base and you can listen to their success stories on the Yelp for Business Owners website.

Targeted advertising promotes your business to consumers searching for the products and services you offer. Additional resources like Upgraded Business Pages for National, Regional, or Franchise businesses, and Enhanced Profiles help to increase conversion of your Yelp traffic. Enhanced Profiles include great features like a photo slideshow, an optional video, and a Call to Action button designed to drive customers to perform the action you value most, such as Schedule Appointment, Get Quote, or Print Coupon. Enhanced Profiles also include the removal of ads purchased by nearby businesses from your Yelp Business Pages so that customers will only focus on your business. To learn more about this, you can use a Yelp for Business Owners promo code from and get access to free webinars for business owners.

Everyone loves free WiFi, and Yelp for Business Owners helps you use this to increase customer loyalty with the Yelp WiFi service. With Yelp WiFi, you can show a professionally designed sign-in page, branded with your Business logo, when guests access your free WiFi network. This will aid in enticing people to check out your business. Since customers connect to your free WiFi with an email address, social media profile or phone number, this will also help collect customer information to use for your target advertising, so you can keep in touch with customers through email and SMS promotions to keep them coming back.

Manage your Yelp presence from your phone with the Yelp for Business Owners app for iOS and Android. Through the app, you can read and respond to reviews and messages and keep customers happy and engaged with your quick responses. You can also get data about your user views, customer leads, track your Yelp Ad clicks, and any other activity on your Yelp Business page. Get started today with Yelp for Business Owners coupons.

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The secret to getting more business is easier than you think

The secret to getting more business is easier than you think

Remember when you just picked up the “phone book” to find a business, restaurant or service? Neither do I, but I have heard it once was done that way. Today, the only way for local businesses to get on the map is by claiming their Yelp for Business