Women's Guide to Summer Wedding Attire

Women's Guide to Summer Wedding Attire

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamMay 29, 20154 min read

Summer is amazing for so many reasons: sitting on the beach all day, barbecues late into the night, and weddings, lots and lots of weddings. You may cringe at the thought of having to go to another wedding or even multiple in a short amount of time but fear not. We will help you look your best at every event, without having to dip into that wanderlust fund that we know that you all have. Being of the age where people are starting to get married, I am flying back and forth to the East Coast multiple times to make sure I am able to see all my beautiful friends walk down the aisle. I deem myself a savvy saver, so it isn’t costing me as much of an arm and leg as it should to get there. Now the focus is on what I am wearing, which is the fun part, aside from just being at the event. So check out my tips for looking your best without overspending for your summer affairs.

Dress It Up for A Night

Before you buy anything to wear for the wedding, find out what the dress code is going to be. If you are close with the bride/groom, then you probably already have an idea of how you should be dressing but it certainly doesn’t hurt to ask. If you don’t want to ask flat out, then make conversation about how the planning is going and what they are picking out for decorations and such. This will help you determine if a flowery dress or black cocktail dress is more appropriate. Once you know that, the fun begins!

I think summer is a time to bring the fun colors to weddings, unless it is in fact a black tie event. In that case, going for a classy dress in a solid color will be your best bet. You don’t have to be boring about the dress but think more New York Chic than LA boho fun. Of course, if it isn’t formal, then I think it is completely appropriate to be more playful with your colors and styles. Go with a floral pattern or a bright summery color. As long as you don’t completely outshine the bride, a pop of color can never hurt.

If you want a little savvy trick, check out the prom clearance section for any dresses that might have been picked over during the prom season. They are typically deeply discounted and most are completely fine! I bought two prom dresses for the last summer weddings I attended and only had to do minor alterations. I looked like a million bucks and spent under $100 for both of them combined. Stores like Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s are always a good bet to find dresses in all colors and styles.

Accessorize With The Best of Them

statement accessories to wear to a wedding

Weddings are the perfect time to show off the new accessories that you have been seeing on Pinterest and in all the magazines or hoarding all winter long. Find some statement jewelry, like fancy earrings or a gold colored bangle, that can be paired with any and all of the dresses for however many weddings you have to attend. Same goes for shoes; buy a pair of neutral shoes that can be worn over and over again. No one keeps them on anyway, so unless you are very big into your footwear, keep it simple. Don’t worry about bring a big bag with you either. Keep it small with an eye-catching clutch big enough to fit your phone and any makeup for touchups. You aren’t going to need much else with you; maybe a charger if you are going to be documenting the whole evening.

Arm Candy

summer ties for men from The Tie Bar

Don’t forget about that handsome guy on your arm when you are planning out what you are wearing to your summer wedding affairs. Although you don’t have to be completely matchy matchy, it will look good if you wear complementary colors. Check out Tie Bar promo codes that we have right now to get him decked out and accessorized in all the right ways. From ties to bow ties, you can cover all the weddings you two have to attend in one shopping trip. The Tie Bar even has suspenders, which are essential if you have the type of guy who will be breaking it down on the dance floor all night long. All of their products are affordable and stylish and will make him the perfect addition to your outfit. For more help, check out our Men’s Guide to Summer Wedding Attire to make sure you and your guy cover all the stops.