Men's Guide To Summer Wedding Attire

Men's Guide To Summer Wedding Attire

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamApr 27, 20153 min read

There are a lot of reasons to be excited about summer: The sunshine, the time off, the gauntlet of friends’ and relatives’ nuptial ceremonies… Okay, so that last prospect can seem more like an obligation than a celebration, at least while you are going broke making your wedding wardrobe arrangements. With my own cousin Meagan getting married this June, I just finished securing my own ensemble for her big day. Especially if you have multiple big days to attend this season, it is important to know how to get the most mileage out of your outfits without sacrificing style.

The Suit

The main component of your union ceremony style is going to be the suit, of course. While Don Draper and Mad Men have made the slim fit prominent again, the cut you decide to go with should be whatever works best with your body type. You also don’t need a ridiculous number of options to keep your look fresh. Using JosABank promo codes is a great way to save on a wide variety of suit colors and styles.  They even have a buy one suit, get three free on all suits deal going on! Having several suits will provide you with sufficient outfit options, without breaking your budget (Especially with that deal!). I recommend sticking with light colors for the festivities. Not only is a light or medium gray a subtle way to make your suit stand out in a sea of black, but also the lighter fabric will serve you well for any outdoor ceremonies or receptions.

The Tie

If you don’t already know how to tie a tie, you are long overdue and need to see any of the number of YouTube videos available. This is because the next essential element to staying frugally fashionable is your choice of neckwear. The key is to get a variety of different tie options that can be worn with either suit. Also, don’t be afraid to experiment. Few suit accessories provide you with as much opportunity to stand out as what you hang around your neck, so have out a range of patterns and styles. Because they are an accent piece, the design can be a little more outrageous. The traditional tie is a classic look, but skinny ties can really compliment certain body types or suit cuts. Personally, I will choose a bowtie over either of these to most formal affairs.

The Tie Bar is one of your best resources for ties and bowties. They have every print, patent, color, style, and cut you couple possibly need. Use this The Tire Bar promo code from for free shipping if your order is over $40.

The Accessories

Once you have covered the stapes of your wedding attendee attire, the last step is to accessorize. You can never go wrong with a tie clip or pocket square for a classic formal feel, especially if it matches your choice of neckwear. Although this is often more for personal satisfaction, it has become an accepted trend to take artistic liberties with the design of your dress socks.

Make sure you take the time to look good before each big day you attend this wedding season. You will be taking pictures and make memories that will be shared for years to come, so dress the part! And Congratulations Meagan and Brandon!