Four Things I'm Buying on Cyber Monday

Four Things I'm Buying on Cyber Monday

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamNov 29, 20133 min read

Happy soon-to-be Cyber Monday! I hope you’ve survived the food coma of Thanksgiving as well as all of the travel and that you got to spend some quality time with your loved ones. While most are back to work on Monday, it doesn’t mean all the fun and holiday shopping has to stop! On your lunch break, check out some Cyber Monday sales from some of our FAVORITE websites.

While on the road talking about Black Friday and Cyber Monday, I cautioned people to wait until Cyber Monday to buy anything that is only sold online because the deals will likely be greater than they were on Friday. Since Cyber Monday is the shopping Super Bowl of the e-commerce world, you’ll be scoring nothing but touchdowns (cue my boyfriend’s sarcastic eye roll at my attempt to make a sports reference) if you shop stores that only have a website and don’t have a brick and mortar version.

So what am I buying on Cyber Monday, you ask? Or I’ll pretend you asked anyway … Here are the four things I’m zoning in on today:

1. A Vacation! – Aruba, Jamaica, Ohhhh I wanna take ya … as long as I can score a great deal. Expedia, Orbitz,, Travelocity, Southwest Airlines Vacations, the list goes on and on. They will ALL have some sort of a great deal on Monday so Check. It. Out. I’ve even received e-mails directly from boutique hotels I’ve stayed at in the past alerting me of a 50% off Cyber Monday sale, so I’ll be booking a trip. Make sure to say hello if you see me on your travels.

2. Apparel – I can find almost ANY excuse to shop for clothes, just ask my dad who had to schlepp my closet every year in college that I moved from dorm to dorm. Today though, it’s really the day. We’re going to see great deals from websites that are only online. We will see deals at our favorite retailers like Macy’s and Express that do have physical stores too. **Bonus: Love designer denim, but not the price tag? Today’s the day to check out sites like Joe’s Jeans, 7 For All Mankind, Paige and Hudson for discounts on regularly-priced merchandise.

3. Accessories – From swag for my new iPad mini, to a scarf and jewelry for my mom and sisters for Christmas, I’ll be looking to accessorize on Monday. Some of the major brands aren’t going to offer sitewide discounts, but they will have discounts on certain sections of their websites and the add-ons like accessories will certainly be included.

4. Stocking stuffers – Much like accessories, things like video games, books, game boards, etc. will be on sale on Cyber Monday. The big technology discounts were Friday, but now you need something to play in the Blue Ray you picked up for a great deal. Another option is game console necessities like controllers, remotes and other accessories. Head over to Best Buy, GameStop and Amazon for these.

What’s the magic word of Monday? SITEWIDE. When you get e-mails flashing sitewide deals, take a break from work and click through to check it out! Another tidbit of advice: Make a list before you hit the web too hard, otherwise, before you know it will end up dazed and confused by all the amazing discounts, in enormous [credit card debt](, with a vintage Furby you didn’t know you needed. Trust me on that.