Fake Fall in 4 Easy Steps

Fake Fall in 4 Easy Steps

Promocodes Team

Promocodes TeamOct 17, 20133 min read

Fall is a time full of change. The leaves are turning shades of red and orange, the air is getting colder, and clothes are getting heavier. At least in theory that is what is supposed to be happening. I am living vicariously through my friends’ Instagram photos, since here in Santa Monica, it is easy to forget that October ends in just two weeks.

Autumn has always been one of my favorite times of the year, so despite it being warm here, I have still attempted to bring the best of the season into my life, without overspending or over-shopping. Check out my four must-haves to fake fall here:


To me, nothing says fall more than BOOTS! I practically live in them for half of the year. They dress up and dress down, making them the perfect choice for almost every occasion! My new favorite site for shoes is Tilted Sole. They have the cutest shoes and such a great variety! Right now it is all about the boots for me, both short and tall like the ones below, but Tilted Sole also has heels, flats, and sneakers if those are more your style.

Chai Lattes

Tea is probably my biggest obsession at the moment. As mentioned in my article 5 Ways to Stay Warm in a Cold Office, I am always cold at work, so I have picked up the habit of drinking tea…a lot of tea.  I tend to not stray from Green Tea, but lately I have been making Chai Lattes at home to switch things up. If you have never had one, I definitely recommend giving it a try.  It is the perfect drink to wind down after a long day, while you are sitting watching TV or surfing the web, as long as you go decaf. Teavana has flavors upon flavors of tea to suit everyone’s taste. These are my favorites of theirs:

     Moroccan Mint Green Tea                                  Maharaja Chai Oolong Tea


It may not be cold enough to wear jackets on a daily basis, but that doesn’t mean I have to go without. If I am not wearing a chunky sweater than I love adding a blazer or a leather jacket to my outfit. It keeps me warm enough if the wind picks up, but it isn’t so insulated that I am sweating walking to and from work. My Black Friday goal this year is to get a new leather jacket. Last year my sister scored an amazing leather jacket at Macys, so I have tasked her with the same goal this year. For now, my faux leather jacket from Forever 21 is doing a great job!

These are the ways that I have incorporated my favorite parts of fall into my new California lifestyle. What are have you done to embrace the season? I would love to hear below!